Look after Baby Mario
on a magical adventure
with Yoshi!

Yoshi Special Edition
Nintendo 3DS XL

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On this magical journey you'll explore Egg Island, gobble up bad guys, toss egg missiles, solve puzzles, and uncover tons of secrets!


the Story?

Oh no! The stork was on the way to deliver these famous baby brothers, but then Baby Luigi was kidnapped by Kamek! Step into the boots of helpful Yoshi, pop Baby Mario snug on your back and head out on a colourful adventure to reunite the little Bros.


Don't lose the little mite! If Baby Mario comes off Yoshi's back it's a race against time to rescue him before he's kidnapped too. Rescue him fast and keep him safe!


On your journey it's Yoshi's job to keep Baby Mario safe – thankfully, our hero has plenty of talents that'll come in handy for looking after the little 'un! Yoshi can do the famous Flutter Jump to hover, swallow bad guys to make eggs, launch eggy ammunition at baddies, ground pound like Mario, and even transform into a range of vehicles!


Super-size your

Yoshi can make eggs from nearly any enemy he gobbles down. Even better, our hero can make GIGANTIC eggs that can smash through big ol' barriers too!


You can only carry six eggs at a time, so be careful how you use them!


Eggs away! Ready, aim, and fire
at the bad guys!


Mega Eggdozers are massive eggs that Yoshi can use to crash through walls or large areas.


The heavy Metal Eggdozers can help Yoshi dive underwater, as well as roll right through enemies and obstacles.


Mega Eggdozer


tilt, and twist

Head through Whirly Gates in certain areas to transform into a helicopter, a bobsleigh, a jackhammer, and more! Once you've transformed, use your system's motion controls to steer Yoshi!


Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi


Jackhammer Yoshi


Helicopter Yoshi


Mine Cart Yoshi


Bobsleigh yoshi


Submarine Yoshi

Motion controls

Tilt your system to move Yoshi through the maze. Don't let the time run out!

Give our hero
a hand

Look out for these power-ups to give Yoshi a boost!

Flutter Wings
Yoshi Stars


Different types of watermelons let Yoshi breathe fire or ice, or spit seeds at enemies.


Flutter Wings

If it gets tough, Mr. Pipe will appear with these to help you! The Flutter Wings allow Yoshi to flutter-fly for a bit, making it easier to avoid traps and pitfalls.


Yoshi Stars

Yoshi can race up walls and ceilings with a Yoshi Star, or blast off like a rocket with a Red Yoshi Star.



This is the fantastical home of Yoshi: the island is packed with secret areas, collectables, puzzles, and of course, lots of enemies.


your time…

Have a good look around Egg Island – there are tons of secrets to discover and collectables to nab. Keep your wits about you though!


Collect Smiley Flowers as you bounce along a beanstalk.


Watch out for lava…and Shy Guys.


Be sure to stay stocked up on eggs.
Don't forget – you can carry up
to six at a time.


Giant Nep-Enuts love to attack
from the water.


Time your jumps just right to pop the bubbles and bop your enemies.


Try not to slip as you battle baddies – and the elements.


A whole lotta
bad eggs!

Kamek is pulling out all the stops to keep Yoshi from reuniting the baby brothers. Watch out for baddies like these
on your adventure!

Fishin' Lakitu
Little Mouser
Grim Leecher
Big Beanie
Kamek &
Baby Bowser

Fishin' Lakitu

These floating fishermen will try
to hook Baby Mario.



Toothy plants with a bad attitude.


Little Mouser

Tiny troublemakers who try
to steal Yoshi's eggs.


Grim Leecher

Ghoulish meanies who try to take Baby Mario's place on Yoshi's back.



Sharp-shooters who can take you
out from a distance.



Speedy fellas who'll run away
with Baby Mario.


Big Beanie

This bad bean boss has help from spiky beanstalks that shoot out of the ground at Yoshi!


Kamek & Baby Bowser

Kamek's got the magic powers and Baby Bowser's got the brawn. Together, they're trouble!


A range of
awesome items

Uncover these and many more items as you journey around Egg Island. Get lots of these and something good might happen!



Collect 100 to earn a 1-Up – if it gets too tough you'll get another go!



The more of these you get, the more time you have to get Baby Mario back
if you're separated!



Hit these with an egg for helpful items.



Bump these for free eggs!



Find all five in each course.


Team up in
two-player mode

You'll unlock two-player, co-operative minigames as you progress through your single-player adventure. Connect with a friend's system via Local Play or Download Play and show off your Yoshi skills!