There’s a new Yo-kai Watch in town, the Model Zero. This upgraded version of your trusty Yo-kai Watch includes new features like the powerful M Skill move and the ability to poke enemy Yo-kai in battle.

Find, battle, and befriend

Want to become a Yo-kai expert? Just learn these three basic rules to master your new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero.

Watch the battle unfold!


Use the Yo-kai Radar on your Yo-kai Watch Model Zero to search for invisible Yo-kai lurking about—there’s one now!


Once you’ve found one, you’ve got to fight ‘em! Use the six Yo-kai in your Watch to battle them.



If you impressed them in battle, or gave them their favourite food, the Yo-kai might befriend you and give you their Yo-kai Medal. If this happens, you can store the Medal in your Watch and call upon them in battle!

Soul power

If a Yo-kai and its adjacent Yo-kai Soul Meters gauges are full, you can unleash a super powerful move called M Skill.


Yo-kai Fun Fact

Using your new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, you can give foes a poke during battles—if you jab ‘em in the right spot, they might drop items or become easier to befriend!


Get crankin’!

Collect Crank-a-kai coins to use in the Crank-a-kai machine (found at the Sacred Tree at Mt. Wildwood, located in the northern part of Springdale) for a chance to get valuable items or even Yo-kai, some of which are super hard to find.

Wondering where to find these fabulous coins? Many of them can be found around town in treasure chests, but you can get them other ways too.


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