Explore the world

The expansive world of the first YO-KAI WATCH game gets ever bigger in this new adventure. Travel to brand new locations—and even back in time!

All aboard the Yo-kai express!

Take a trip to the train station

Besides your familiar home town of Springdale, you can now take a train to several other locations, each with their own fun sites to discover.

Screenshot - Take a trip to the train station

Pay attention

Careful when you change trains—you might end up somewhere entirely different if you take the wrong one!

Screenshot - Meet new folks

Meet new folks

A new friend might give you candy.

Screenshot - Be on guard

Be on guard

Yo-kai might pick a fight with you.

See the sights!

Don’t miss these important stops on your journey.

Screenshot - Doughnut Shops
Screenshot - Springdale Central Station
Screenshot - Gourd Pond Museum
Screenshot - The Excellent Tower
Screenshot - Mt. Wildwood Sacred Tree
Screenshot - Piggleston Bank
Screenshot - Lambert Post Office


Featured in the first YO-KAI WATCH game, Springdale is home to Nate and friends.

Doughnut Shops

Are you more of a Spirit Doughnuts person or a Soul Doughnuts person? Wait! Don’t answer! THINK about it. This is a really important decision. Wars have been started over issues like this

Springdale Central Station

One of the travel hubs you’ll come across in your adventures, Springdale Central Station links you—by train—to the far reaches of the game world. You’ll find a fully functioning (and kinda complex) train system. You might need to rely on Mom’s directions if you’re ever going to make it all the way to Grandma’s house in Harrisville!

Gourd Pond Museum

New exhibits recall the Springdale of yesteryear, and new mysteries abound in the museum’s dark corners.

The Excellent Tower

Rise above the city, and take in the glorious views! Think there’ll be any Yo-kai all the way up on the observation deck?

Mt. Wildwood Sacred Tree

This quiet spot in the woods north of town is where you’ll find the Crank-a-kai, the device that unleashes Yo-kai upon the world! Or, at least, upon your Medallium.

Piggleston Bank

Take care of all your in-game banking needs here. Or maybe just scan some QR Code® patterns to unlock Crank-a-kai coins and other special items.

Lambert Post Office

Stop by the Lambert Post Office to claim a free Crank-a-kai coin via the internet every week (through Sept. 29, 2017). The clerks are very friendly and can also help you exchange passwords for Crank-a-kai coins.

Screenshot - Temple of Virtue
Screenshot - Gloworm Grove Falls
Screenshot - Mt. Middleton
Screenshot - Grandma’s House
Screenshot - Harrisville School
Screenshot - Infinite Tunnel


This quiet country burg is the place Grandma calls home. And you’ll quickly discover that it is rich with unusual history.

Temple of Virtue

This time-worn temple is full of secrets. Talk to the Grand Monk to pursue the ancient art of Soulcery.

Gloworm Grove Falls

There’s great fishing near here! And what’s up with that Kappa statue overlooking the falls?

Mt. Middleton

It’s a great place for hiking—and for finding rare and powerful Yo-kai!

Grandma’s House

A nice, quiet home away from home. It’s a great place to catch up on family history.

Harrisville School

What? Country kids go to school too, you know! It may be a bit rustic, but you can learn a thing or two here!

Infinite Tunnel

Do you dare enter this mysterious tunnel? No one knows where the exit leads.

San Fantastico
Screenshot - Rusty’s Mart
Screenshot - Rolling Waves Meeting Hall
Screenshot - Abandoned House
Screenshot - Seaside Cave

San Fantastico

This sleepy seaside town has more than a few hidden secrets.

Rusty’s Mart

It might look a little rundown, but this little shop near the beach is a good place to find great seafood.

Rolling Waves Meeting Hall

The most important town business is conducted in the meeting hall. Stop by for quick answers to tough issues.

Abandoned House

What exactly is going on here? And what is Mister E doing here? He certainly seems to know more than he’s letting on...

Seaside Cave

The number of strange creatures inhabiting this dank, dark cave is baffling. Just...baffling. And what’s with the underwater paths?

The fun never stops!

Each town offers a variety of fun activities, from bug catching and fishing to pole climbing and bike races! Taking part in these side events is a great way to earn items or in-game money.

The fun never stops - 1
The fun never stops - 2
The fun never stops - 3
The fun never stops - 4
The fun never stops - 5

Take a trip to the past!

Travel back in time 60 years, where you’ll not only meet classic Yo-kai from the past, but also Nate’s own grandfather when he was Nate’s age! There you will learn the secret origin of the Yo-kai Watch and the new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero.


One of the many new Yo-kai you’ll meet on your journey is Miradox. This magical mirror Yo-kai has the ability to transport you back through time.


Meet classic Yo-kai from the past

When you travel to the past, you’ll encounter many classic Yo-kai from ancient folklore. Here are a few examples of who you might meet:



A sacred being that protects all living things.



A Yo-kai who appears in bathrooms and outhouses, he enjoys nothing more than licking dirty tubs.

Faux Kappa

Faux Kappa

There's a possibility that he's related to Walkappa.



The spirit of a well-loved parasol. Just thinking about his owner makes him jump up and down with joy.

Lady Longnek

Lady Longnek

She could pass for human if she could resist the urge to stretch out her super-long neck.



A harmless Yo-kai with an odd look. With only one eye, he saves a lot on contact lenses.

War against the Wicked

There’s a nasty bunch of Yo-kai out there causing trouble. Known only as the Wicked, these troublemakers are thought to be connected to the conflict between the two Yo-kai factions.

Can you uncover the 46 hidden Wicked Yo-kai?


Unkeen boasts great power and believes it is his duty to destroy all that he sees.


A wicked Yo-kai who doesn't do things by half. No Yo-kai can match Untidy for pure power.

Kin and Gin
Kin and Gin
Kin and Gin

Evil twins who use the Time Stone to turn back time and rewrite history.


Unkaind is beautiful but enjoys nothing more than causing people misery.


This wicked Yo-kai loves confusing people with long words and boundless knowledge.

Want to learn about the new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero and the Crank-a-kai? Me too—let’s go!