Elysium, land of legend

In an endless white sea of clouds, there stands the World Tree. Around it lies Alrest, a land that many call home.

Long ago, the people of this world lived atop the World Tree together with their creator, the Architect.

The land they lived in was a true paradise, and its sweet rain and golden sunshine brought forth abundant harvests. The people called this land Elysium.

But one day, the people were banished from this paradise.

Did they anger their creator, or could there have been some other reason? No one knows.

The world’s people took refuge below, but life was hard there and they began to die out. Just as all hope was almost gone, the Architect sent his servants, the Titans, to save humanity.

To escape extinction, the remaining people made homes on the backs of the Titans and dwelled there for countless generations. However, now the Titans are dying out, and the quest to return to Elysium has begun…

The hero of this story is a young man named Rex. He makes a living working as a salvager, searching for precious resources and ancient artefacts in the Cloud Sea. He left the village where he was born and now lives on the back of a small Titan, Gramps.

Hired to search a sunken ship and salvage anything of value, Rex chances upon a Blade by the name of Pyra – who happens to be a sacred Blade known as the Aegis.

But then disaster strikes, and Rex is killed by Jin, the head of a shadowy organisation, Torna.

Pyra saves Rex’s life and becomes his Blade, their fates unescapably intertwined from that point on. He joins Pyra’s quest to reach Elysium, trying to survive in a world filled with rivals, all seeking the Aegis. Can our heroes make it to the promised land waiting above the World Tree?

Release date: 01/12/2017
Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Publisher: Nintendo