Multiplayer Motion

The 12 games in Wii Play™: Motion offer a level of accessibility that ensures no one in the room needs to feel left out, but thanks to the precision of the Wii Remote™ Plus controller they also offer deep and rewarding gameplay, ensuring everyone will be coming back for more!

Whether you're a born winner who won't accept defeat or you just love sharing some fun with friends and family, Wii Play: Motion offers a wealth of ways to compete or cooperate with other players Mii™ characters making every moment more personal!

In Spooky Search, up to four players can get in on the game as you join forces to haul escaping ghosts back towards the TV screen. With the Wii Remote Plus making an escalating alarm sound and rumbling as players search their surroundings for spirits, expect hilarity as you frantically work together and perhaps, occasionally, get in each other's way!

There are stacks of options on offer for up to four players. With multiple Wii Remote Plus controllers, you can try to smash one another's records in addictive games like Skip Skimmer and Wind Runner's Long Jump mode. Or share a screen and feel the mounting pressure as your ice cream piles up and you bid to outlast a rival in the split-screen Cone Zone. From the team work of Treasure Twirl to the chaotic competition of Veggie Guardin' and much more, Wii Play: Motion will keep everyone smiling as they share in the multiplayer motion.