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Not ready to design your own just yet? Get your feet wet playing 90 pre-made games from Diamond Software. Grab them off the shelves of the D.I.Y. Shop, toss them in the Game Blender, and take them for a spin!


You'll find some really odd games while exploring the temple with Mona and her camera dog! Wonder what she'll do with all that secret treasure…

Mona's Game

Jimmy T.

Are you ready? No really… ARE YOU READY? Jimmy's out to get you fit with these sports themed microgames. Work that stylus, baby!

Jimmy T's Game


Ashley can't seem to get food off the brain, even when surrounded by spooks. Help her out by tackling these yummy microgames!

Ashley's Game


News flash! An alien of superior intelligence named Orbulon has crafted some brain-bending microgames. Aim for the stars, and see if you can beat them!

Orbulon's Game


9-Volt is a hardcore gamer with a soft spot for old school Nintendo classics! They seem to have a huge influence on the microgames he makes…


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