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Think you're a hot shot microgame maestro? Then join the hustle & bustle of the WarioWare: D.I.Y. game design community, and show off your stuff! Take part in challenges, see what other wannabe designers have whipped up, and share your own. There's new stuff coming out weekly, all at no additional charge to download*. You've got lots of competition out there, so make Wario proud!

Weekly Games

Weekly Game Weekly Game
Weekly Games

The release schedule is always packed around here! This week's games: Sleeper Swat and Zoo Zounds

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Big Name Games

Big Name Game Big Name Game

How do your microgames stack up against famous game designers? Come see the latest from industry professionals!

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Theme Games

Theme Game

Budding microgame makers worldwide test their mettle on these tough design challenges!

Download selected microgames!

Trading and Sharing

If you're in a generous mood, you could always share your creations with friends… Just don't tell greedy old Wario! Sharing online, or locally with another Nintendo DS™ system is a cinch. You can even play them on your Wii™ console!

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