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Make Music

Let's get one thing straight: Wario doesn't skimp on his game creation tools. The Record MakerMatic is no exception! Choose from dozens of sounds, map them with the on-screen sequencer, or even hum a melody into your Nintendo DS™ microphone. Add a finished tune to your microgame creation, or flesh it out into a full song and share it with your adoring fans online!

Boom Goes The Bass

Welcome to the music area. The Maestro is always willing to help compose something for you, but your creative input is certainly appreciated! Pick your favorite instruments and beats, write your melody, and get ready to groove.

Make Music Screenshots

  • Music Screenshot 1

    1. Welcome to the music area

  • Music Screenshot 2

    2. A simple layout helps you write custom music

  • Music Screenshot 3

    3. The Maestro is ready to help

  • Music Screenshot 4

    4. He'll compose according to your likes

  • Music Screenshot 5

    5. Select your favorite instruments

  • Music Screenshot 6

    6. Which characters do you like?

  • Music Screenshot 7

    7. How about an instrument that sounds like Yoshi?

  • Music Screenshot 8

    8. Add the notes of your melody

  • Music Screenshot 9

    9. Assign details to your track

  • Music Screenshot 10

    10. Lay it down and listen!

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