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Make Games

Making, playing, sharing… it's the meat and potatoes of WarioWare: D.I.Y.! First Penny, Dr. Crygor's smarty pants granddaughter, will teach you the basics of the Super MakerMatic 21—a game-making machine like no other. Then, take on some freelance gigs for Wario and work on those game design chops. Think you've got what it takes to design your own games from the ground up?

See How It's Done

So, smarty pants! Ready to assign some fancy action instructions and make your game come alive? Don't worry, it's easy. Watch these videos and see for yourself!

How To Make Video

Watch The Action!

Once all the pieces are in place... KABLAMMO! You've got your very own microgame! Watch this video of a finished game in action.

How To Make Video

Make Games Screenshots

  • Games Screenshot 1

    1. A blank canvas awaits you

  • Games Screenshot 2

    2. Pre-made stamps help you get started

  • Games Screenshot 3

    3. Draw custom designs in the D.I.Y. Studio

  • Games Screenshot 4

    4. Use frames to create animation

  • Games Screenshot 5

    5. Add action instructions for your item

  • Games Screenshot 6

    6. Assign the trigger event

  • Games Screenshot 7

    7. Add the result of your trigger

  • Games Screenshot 8

    8. Create your animation conditions

  • Games Screenshot 9

    9. Assign each action you'd like to see happen

  • Games Screenshot 10

    10. Use the Trial Play function to test your game

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