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Make Comics

Ever browse through the comic shelves of the D.I.Y. Shop and think "I can do way better than those guys?" With the Comic MakerMatic, simple drawing tools make it easy to let those stylus skills shine. Make a funny with four glorious panels, and don't forget the punchline!

Comics? What a relief!

Crack 'em up with Comics Class! The sky is the limit as you create your own 4-panel comics.

Make Comics Screenshots

  • Screenshot 1

    1. Welcome to the Comic MakerMatic

  • Screenshot 2

    2. Creating word balloons is simple

  • Screenshot 3

    3. Customize your word balloon to fit design

  • Screenshot 4

    4. Create each panel for a full comic

  • Screenshot 5

    5. Frame 1 of a Comic Class lesson

  • Screenshot 6

    6. Word balloons bring life to your story

  • Screenshot 7

    7. Customize graphics for maximum impact

  • Screenshot 8

    8. Watch ‘em laugh with a big finish

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