• Remastered Graphics

    The power of Nintendo 3DS has allowed for the graphics of the original title to be fully remastered, making them more immersive than ever before, while staying faithful to the world millions of players have come to love. This title is exclusive to Nintendo 3DS, so the entire game is now in stereoscopic 3D, allowing you to really feel the depth of this wonderful setting as you play.

  • Analogue and Motion Controls

    The Circle Pad of Nintendo 3DS allows players to control the motion of the game's main character, Link, with analogue controls, just like in the original Nintendo 64® game, but this time around, players can use motion controls in places too! Several items in the game (like the Hookshot or Fairy Slingshot) need to be aimed precisely, and players can use the Circle Pad to do so or have fun using motion controls: the Nintendo 3DS gyro sensor allows players to physically move their system to take aim!

  • Touch Screen Menus

    The menu system of the game is now located at your fingertips, on the Touch Screen! Navigating is a breeze, just tap away on the simple, intuitive menu subscreens and you're sorted in a jiffy! Examining maps, assigning Button items or selecting Gear items takes mere seconds!

  • Game Notes of Nintendo 3DS

    With so much going on in Hyrule, it's sensible to scribble down things to investigate later with Game Notes, as you're playing. Whenever you see something worthy of note, press the HOME Button to suspend your software, launch Game Notes, and edit a note to make a convenient record to come back to later!

  • Hints

    This 3D incarnation of the game has a built-in hint system - if you're in dire need, seek out one of the two special Sheikah Stones in the game to view visions which will show you some very helpful things indeed! Don't mix up the Sheikah Stones with the Gossip Stones that are all over Hyrule there are only two of these special stones! One of which can be found next to Link's home, the other is hidden somewhere else...

  • Master Quest

    Now players can enjoy the remastered version of the Nintendo 64® original - as well as extra modes - in glasses-free 3D! This title also includes The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest, which takes you through the same story but offers different challenges along the way. Even Master Quest veterans who think they know Hyrule off by heart are in for a treat - as the entire game map has now been mirrored! Read More

    The dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest differ in many ways from the main game: not only will you meet tough enemies sooner than you're used to, but objects will be hidden in completely different locations, there are new puzzles and the dungeons are remixed so you'll need to figure them out anew! It's not for the faint hearted!

    You'll need to carefully examine every area from scratch for unexpected additions, and be prepared to set your sights on completely new targets in order to progress... Back

  • Boss Challenge

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D also features Boss Challenge, giving players the option to take on bosses that they have beaten before and even letting those with nerves of steel take on all of the bosses in the game in one continuous battle!