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You've never seen the Tetris® game like this! Experience the world-famous puzzle gaming sensation loved by hundreds of millions around the globe—now in 3D, and loaded with fun and addicting new ways to play

Party Modes

These fun-filled modes show off a wild side to Tetris that's sure to turn a few heads. They also look amazing in 3D, so be sure to turn that 3D Depth Slider up.

Screencap - Jigsaw Screencap - Jigsaw

New Mode! Jigsaw

These aren't your average Tetriminos—each falling Tetrimino has a piece of the puzzle on it. Slide, rotate, and place them together and reveal your picture.

Screencap - Shadow Wide Screencap - Shadow Wide

Shadow Wide

Local Play: Up to 2 Players

There's a picture of something cool hiding behind the shadowy shape. Turn and slide Tetriminos as they fall to build out the shape and see what it is.

Screencap - Fit Screencap - Fit

New Mode! Fit

There's a wall of blocks flying straight towards you, and the only way to stop it is to launch Tetriminos into the empty spaces. Look fast, shoot faster!

Screencap - Tower Climber Screencap - Tower Climber

Tower Climber

Tetriminos are falling all around the tower, and they're the only way up for our determined climber. Can you use the Tetriminos to help him reach the top.?

Screencap - Bombliss Plus Screencap - Bombliss Plus

Bombliss™ Plus

Fancy a little destruction in your Tetris game? Try this mode, where every piece you drop has bomb pieces in it. As you clear lines, the surrounding areas explode. Clear all of the lines to proceed to the next level!

Screencap - Stage Racer Plus Screencap - Stage Racer Plus

Stage Racer

Local Play: Up to 8 Players

It's a race to the bottom, with your Tetrimino falling fast through a challenging course. Jumps and clever rotations will be essential to reaching your goal.

Screencap - Capture Screencap - Capture

New Mode! Capture

Local Play: Up to 2 Players

Pesky stars are hiding within the Matrix, and the only way to make them disappear is to capture them with the right color Tetrimino.

Screencap - Master Mode Screencap - Master Mode

Master Mode

Think you're a Tetris master? We'll see about that. In this mode, Tetriminos fall faster than the eye can see. Clear as many lines as you can—if you get more than a few, we'll be impressed!

Screencap - Sprint Screencap - Sprint


Work like lightning to clear 40 lines as fast as you can in this challenging game mode. You'll need speed, skill, and precision to keep your times low.

AR Modes

Using the Question Block AR Card included with your Nintendo 3DS™ system, you can see Tetris games unfold in the real world with these amazing new modes!

AR Marathon

A miniature Matrix appears right on your floor or kitchen table in this mode, where you need to clear 50 lines as fast as you can. Bomb pieces are attached to certain Tetriminos—if one of these is in a cleared line, the whole field will shift, and you'll need to move the angle of your body and Nintendo 3DS to match.

AR Cards
Screencap - AR Marathon Screencap - AR Marathon
Screencap - AR Climber Screencap - AR Climber
Screencap - AR Climber Screencap - AR Climber

AR Climber

In this mode you'll have to get really active, and rotate yourself 360 degrees around the AR Card as you stack Tetriminos around a cylindrical field. There's a tiny climber trying to get to the top of the tower, and he needs your help to get there. Stack them carefully so he can climb step by step—but be careful not to crush him with a falling Tetrimino!

Multiplayer Modes

Playing with a friend can be even more fun—especially when you can challenge up to seven other players at once. With lots of ways to play, you and your buddies will be battling for a long time to come.

Screencap - Local Play Screencap - Local Play

Local Play

Go head-to-head with up to seven other players in five modes—VS Battle, VS Stage Racer, VS Shadow Wide, VS Capture, and Co-op Tower Climber. All you need is one game card, and a Nintendo 3DS system for each player—so get stacking!

Screencap - Download Play Screencap - Download Play

Download Play

You and your friends can compete for Tetris dominance in three modes via Download Play—Marathon with Everyone, Fever with Everyone, and VS Battle. Only one copy of the game is needed, and a Nintendo 3DS system for each player.

Screencap - Online Play Screencap - Online Play

Online Play

Test your Tetris game skills against players from around the world via online play. Choose specific friends in your Friend List, or pair up with a random opponent from afar.

All kinds of useful new items appear in these exciting VS matches, and an online ranking system records the results of each match you play. Go for global bragging rights, and show your opponents what you're made of!

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