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Meet the challengers

A solitary street fighter who devotes himself to his training in his quest to become a true martial artist. He has taken the attacks learned from his master, Gouken, and greatly refined them.

Ryu's best friend and greatest rival, and the heir to the rich and powerful Masters family.

An officer in the U.S. Air Force. Swore revenge on M. Bison after he murdered Guile's best friend, Charlie. Cuts through anything in his path with his own unique style of martial arts.

Blanka grew up alone in the jungle after a plane he was riding crashed there when he was a child, and quickly had to learn how to fight for his survival.

A popular sumo wrestler famed for his unprecedented techniques. Travels around the world determined to make sumo an international hit.

An ICPO detective who fights with magnificent leg-based attacks. Became a detective at 18 in order to find her missing father.

An Indian monk who has mastered the ancient arts of yoga. He fights to save the village where his family lives.

A famous Russian professional wrestler. His incredibly muscular body is filled with high spirits and a deep love for his country.

A boxer who has been exiled from pro boxing. Began working for M. Bison after being offered huge sums of money. He had once disappeared along with Shadaloo, but...

A narcissist who believes beauty is the greatest virtue. Began working with M. Bison out of his own sense of aesthetics. For a while his whereabouts were unknown after Shadaloo's collapse, but...

The king of Muay Thai. Also known as the Invincible Tiger. His scar is a constant reminder of his one loss against Ryu, and drives him to further his training in his search for greater strength.

Wielder of Psycho Power and the commander of the secret organisation known as Shadaloo. Though he once met his demise with the destruction of Shadaloo, He attained a new body and has made his return.

The proud warrior of the Thunderfoot clan. Set out on his journey to rescue his girlfriend, Julia, from the clutches of Shadaloo.

A highly talented kick boxer and million-selling musician. Joined the tournament due to inexplicable circumstances.

A hot-blooded old-school karate girl. As the heir to the famed but broke Rindo-kan karate dojo, she has entered the tournament to save it from going under.

The 39th successor to the ancient Bushinryu ninja clan. Having sensed the presence of a new evil, he has set out to restore harmony to the world.

A mysterious girl who works as Seth's right-hand woman. Her codename within S.I.N. is "Spider". Both hedonistic and sadistic, she finds joy in utterly destroying her opponents.

A Turkish hero, he is the president of a prominent cooking oil company and a skilled fighter in oil wrestling (yagli güres). Currently travelling around the world to see the world's oil for fun and business.

Once Sagat's greatest disciple, he now hates him with a passion after his loss to Ryu. Continues to fight to prove that Muay Thai is the strongest fighting style in the world.

A proud perfectionist, English gentleman, and heavyweight professional boxer. Joins the tournament after receiving an invitation.

A smart, tough female agent. Always professional, she never lets emotion get in the way of her task. Her true identity is shrouded in mystery.

The self-proclaimed number one martial artist in the US. Uses his own style of kung-fu. Considers Ken to be his greatest rival.

Loves both cooking and lucha libre. His passion for his interests rivals even that of The Red Cyclone.

The CEO of S.I.N., which heads up Shadaloo's weapons division. After performing modifications on his own body, he now has the ability to use fighting data from all manner of world warriors.

A young man endlessly searching for Shadaloo stragglers using whatever clues he can find. Uses all-around military trained martial arts. Currently suffering from amnesia.

A martial artist who calls himself "Master of the Fist", he constantly seeks duels to the death with worthy opponents. He is attempting to awaken the "Satsui no Hado" he senses within Ryu.

A member of England's Delta Red special forces unit, she was once kidnapped and brainwashed by Shadaloo, who also enhanced her fighting abilities. After struggling to accept her past, she now leads new missions with her comrades.

A young actor carrying the weight of Hong Kong's movie industry on his shoulders. Having undergone intense training from a young age, he now stands tall as the best kung-fu practitioner in Hong Kong.

A young girl who entered the world of Street Fighter in order to chase down her idol, Ryu. A bright and cheerful girl able to see the fun in anything, she never misses a chance to battle worthy opponents.

Master to Ken and Ryu, and brother to Akuma. Though he was once thought to have been defeated and killed by Akuma, he has made a return in the latest tournament.

A martial artist best known for his varied taunts and unpolished technique. Though he once trained under Gouken, his Saikyo-ryu style of fighting has his own touches all over it.

A beautiful fortune-teller known far and wide throughout Genoa. Using her mental energy-powered Soul Power, she seeks to challenge M. Bison and put an end to his reign of terror.

Once the hero of Metro City, he was unable to adjust to a life of peace and was sent to prison after inciting numerous acts of violence. After growing bored with prison life as well, he broke out of jail and finally encountered something interesting.

A legendary assassin famous throughout the underworld. He constantly searches for strong opponents worthy of a duel to the death.

Born, raised, and trained as a ninja, inside she's just like any other teenager. Gets caught up in the tournament while off searching for a "fateful encounter".

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