Let the Odyssey begin!

Princess Peach and Bowser are getting married?!

Bowser has snatched Princess Peach once again, and this time he’s planning a lavish, no-expense-spared wedding!

Hired by Bowser to help with the wedding arrangements, the Broodals are an odd bunch, to say the least…

Mario’s crashing the party

The spiny groom-to-be has embarked on a trip around the world to prepare for the festivities. It’s up to Mario to catch up with him and crash the wedding, but the pesky Broodals won’t make it easy!

Mario teams up with a curious cap


Introducing Cappy, a resident of the Cap Kingdom who’s taken the form of Mario’s trademark red hat. By making use of Cappy’s amazing ability to Capture enemies, Mario can do all sorts of new things!

Discover Cappy’s incredible abilities!

An epic adventure full of surprises

Mario will travel around the world aboard an airship known as the Odyssey. He can power up his ship and set off for new Kingdoms by collecting Power Moons. Who knows what wonderful destinations he’ll discover on his journey?