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Local StreetPass Groups StreetPass - Mii Plaza

Nintendo Australia is thrilled to see so many of you enjoying Nintendo 3DS™ together and arranging your own StreetPass™ events. StreetPass events offer Nintendo 3DS owners the chance to meet up with fellow Nintendo 3DS owners and build their StreetPass Mii Plaza together. These events also provide an excellent opportunity for local multiplayer matches, along with the chance to discover some hints and tips.

Have you ever wanted to join a local StreetPass group or just meet up with other Nintendo 3DS fans?

Check out the below local StreetPass groups from across Australia and New Zealand, and stay tuned to this page as we continue to add more local StreetPass groups and don’t forget, invite your friends!

Do you know a local StreetPass group we should know about? Contact promotions@nal.nintendo.com.au with your favourite StreetPass group's contact details (phone & e-mail), and we'll be in touch!

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