Splatoon 2

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What’s Splatoon?

It’s splat or be splatted!

VSVs Ika

Turf War

Show your true colours!

Claim territory by covering it in ink in heated four-on-four battles*. The team that claims the most turf wins! You’ll need to use teamwork and switch tactically into squid form and back again to gain the edge. Get out there and claim your turf!

Two years later… Welcome to Inkopolis Square! Two years have passed since the original Splatoon and fashion has naturally shifted too. The place to be is now two subway stations away from Inkopolis — Inkopolis Square.
New ways to splat!

Weapons & gear

Equipping the right weapons and gear can make all the difference in battle. Experiment with a variety of combinations to find the play style that suits you best!

The weapon you’re wielding can be the difference between victory and defeat in a Turf War. This time the two-handed Splat Dualies enter the fray, and you may find familiar weapons that have been remixed in interesting ways…


All special weapons in Splatoon 2 are brand new. Work out how best to wield these weapons and you’ll be able to turn around any battle and seize victory.

Special weapons

Kit out your Inkling with footwear, headgear and clothing, each of which will give you a different gear ability. Styles have changed in the last couple of years, so be sure to check out the latest hot brands!


All-new brands

Team up for
Salmon Run!

Take on
the horde!

There’s a curious new employment agency called Grizzco in Inkopolis Square where you can find a part-time job. It’s dangerous work, though! Work as a team* to take out incoming Salmonid and collect the Power Eggs they leave behind. You can then sell these Power Eggs and use the proceeds to pay for enhanced weapons and gear.

Earn funds and have fun with 2-4 players*!

Coming soon

Details about Hero Mode, where you can play on your own!


Befriend your amiibo characters

You can tap compatible amiibo (sold separately) and they will appear in the game to befriend you in a variety of ways.

Play your way!

Online or offline


You can join other players online** or play with nearby friends via local wireless***!

Connect to the Internet**

Take part in Turf Wars against online friends and other players from around the world!

Connect locally***

Enjoy Private Battles with up to seven other players in via local wireless.


Splat anytime, anywhere, with anyone.


Splatoon 2 can be enjoyed in TV, tabletop or handheld mode, letting you play your way.

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Compatible with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sold separately) Discover the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller



Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition

With pink and green grips and an ink-splat design, launching 21st July for SRP AU$109.95, available while stocks lasts.

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case (Splatoon 2 Edition) & Screen Protector

Decked out with in-game iconography and pink and green zips, launching 21st July for SRP AU$39.95, available while stocks lasts.

Splat Dualies

A new weapon held with both hands that lets you dodge incoming attacks at high speeds while claiming your territory.

Splat Charger

Build up power before firing ink at opponents from a distance. You can also change into squid form and move over a short distance while retaining the charge.

Splat Roller

A powerful close-range weapon that allows you to move while covering the ground in ink. Waving the Splat Roller in mid-air fires a thin vertical jet of ink in a straight line.


This bucket-shaped weapon lets you splash a large volume of ink in a single direction. The handle and suspension have been modified too.

Heavy Splatling

A weapon that lets you shoot ink continuously at high speed. It’s been redesigned to make it easier to handle, with the barrel now fitted at a different angle.


Take to the skies, spraying ink in your wake and take aim at distant enemies with the attached blob launcher. Attacking from above can be very effective, but it does leave you rather exposed.


Jump into the air and strike the ground to release an explosive wave of ink. Use it in combination with a Super Jump and the surrounding enemies won’t know what’s hit them!

Tenta Missiles

Lock on to multiple enemies and then fire homing missiles at them. You can launch 16 missiles at the same time, firing up to four missiles at a single enemy!

Sting Ray

The Sting Ray fires a pressurised jet of ink in a line, allowing you to hit enemies from a distance. You can change the direction of the jet while firing too!

Find gainful employment at Grizzco. Follow the instructions given to you by Mr. Grizz and team up with up to three other players to gather Power Eggs!

Your mission is to target the special Golden Eggs of the most dangerous large-scale Boss Salmonid. Gather them and bring them back to the containment unit at the centre of the site.

In order to gather Power Eggs, you’ll need to enter the dangerous terrain where the Salmonid live. It’s too dangerous to go alone, so you’ll first form a team of between two and four players.

You’ll earn Grizzco Points based on the amount of Power Eggs you collect. You can then exchange these for enhanced weapons and gear. If you’re really good at the job, you may get the chance to take on extra challenges…

Special gear!

With compatible amiibo (sold separately) you can acquire special designer gear which can give you the edge over your opponents.

Colour co-ordination

You can store your favourite combinations of gear and weaponry so they’ll be ready to select with ease.

Take snaps and share them

Why not take some photos together with your amiibo companions, then share them on social media via the Nintendo Switch Album**?