• 1
      Take a ride in the hang glider on a mission to snap photos of beautiful landmarks.
    • 2
      In this mission you'll impersonate a flying squirrel as you free fall through targets!
    • 3
      Follow that car! It's a case of close pursuit and precise shooting to effectively take out those balloons.
    • 4
      Here you can see the control and grace required for a pristine landing with the hang glider… but we know you can do it too!

    Take on aerial sports challenges in Mission Mode

    Once you’re a member of the Wuhu Sky Club you can conquer the skies in Mission Mode, which includes assignments for each aircraft.

    There are dozens of missions over a range of difficulty levels – from the simple skill tests of Novice Class, increasing in toughness through Bronze, Silver and Gold to the highly challenging Platinum Class!

    Each mission has specific objectives to complete within a time limit: some involve taking pictures from the air or shooting targets and others require you to pull off feats of precise control! Either way, your skill as a pilot will be put to the test...

    Completing a mission earns you a number of stars based on your score, defined by factors like how long you took and how brilliant (or wonky) your landing was, among others. If you complete every mission in a class and earn enough stars, the next class up will become available - so get flying!