Prism Island needs your help! Restore colour to the island by solving paper-based puzzles, battling bad guys and collecting Paint Stars. Grab your paint hammer and get to it!

When you see a colourless spot or a blank Toad in need of a paint job, give it a wallop with Mario’s nifty new paint hammer. Splash colour back into the world and you might get some coins or a useful item for your good deeds.

If you’re stumped by a puzzle, why not try cutting it out? Using the Cutout technique will flatten the 3D world into a single sheet of paper. Use the Wii U GamePad touch screen to snip along the lines and remove obstacles so Mario can reach new areas. Crafty!

Toad Tip:

Some cutouts will even allow you to place a Thing Card in the newly created space – who knows what might happen?

When everything is made completely out of paper, even the most ordinary-looking things can surprise you! A folded up footpath blocking your way? Maybe there’s an Unfurl Block nearby that could straighten it out. Not only is Prism Island made of paper, it’s also three-dimensional and full of hidden secrets – if you go into the shadows, you might find some out-of-sight items!

Never fear! Brave brigades of Toads called Rescue Squads can be found all over Prism Island, lending their help to anyone who needs it! Unfortunately, they’re not quite up to the task of being heroes, so make sure you give them a helping hand if they’re in a spot of bother.

Of course, sometimes you’ll have to go toe-to-toe with papery minions using turn-based strategies and well-timed moves…