Paper Mario: Color Splash is chock-a-block with familiar faces – plus some brand new ones. Let’s see who made the cut for this vibrant adventure:

Our paper thin hero has all kinds of foldy talents! Armed with his new paint hammer, Mario is ready to take a whack at restoring colour to Prism Island.

Not your ordinary talking can of paint. Huey will join Mario on his journey and provide helpful hints along the way.

This plucky princess accompanies Mario to Prism Island in the hopes of finding out who sent her that blank Toad. Could there be some trickery afoot?

These fun guys are having their colour sucked out of them by Slurp Guys. Use the paint hammer to get them back to their good old selves.

This intrepid Toad troupe is always willing to help those in need. Visit the Rescue V section to see them in action!

These thieves are sucking the colour out of anyone and anything. Surely they can’t be the masterminds behind this plan?

Who could possibly be behind all of Prism Island’s troubles? We’re completely out of ideas…