Watch out, Mario! If an enemy sees you wandering around, they might try to start a fight. Dodge them to avoid a scuffle or strike them first and you may land some extra damage.

In Paper Mario: Color Splash, you’ll face enemies in battles where both strategy and timing are key.

Your first step is to choose a move from your deck of Battle Cards on the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen…

Your cards might start off drab and weak, but you can choose to power them up with paint – just keep an eye on your paint supply! When you’re ready, flick the card up from the touch screen to the TV screen to make your move.

Toad Tip:

By activating Advanced Touch Control from the options menu, you can select and paint your cards on the same screen to make your moves more quickly!

By pressing the buttons with the right timing, your moves can become more powerful and Mario will take less damage from enemy attacks.

Toad Tip:

If you can’t quite get the timing down, practise your moves at the Action Command Dojo in Port Prisma.

Build your deck of Battle Cards by hitting ? Blocks around the island, winning battles, painting colourless spots and more. You can also use coins to buy cards in Port Prisma.

Here are some of the types of cards available:

Basic Cards

These cards allow Mario to perform all sorts of basic moves, from his signature Jump and Hammer to restoring his health and paint supply.

Enemy Cards

Baddies may sometimes drop these cards after battle. If you play this card during a battle, that same enemy might join the fight on Mario’s side. What a fickle bunch!

Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll spot some objects that look a little out of place around Prism Island. Should you happen across one of these curious items, why not turn it into a Thing Card? These cards can be used to unleash really powerful and showy attacks, making them especially useful in boss battles. Some Thing Cards even have uses in puzzles outside of battle, too!

Check out some of the amazing things they can do!