• New style queen needed!

    Kick-start your stylist career by working as an assistant at the trendy Verano boutique, and if you don’t make any fashion faux pas and can impress its owner, Evie, you can eventually work your way to the top and run your own fancy store – think you’re style-savvy enough for the challenge? Choose from over 12,000 new items and accessories and come up with a look that, from head to toe, is your own cool creation.

  • Give the townspeople a makeover

    There’s a whole town that’s full of customers needing a wardrobe check! Try to meet their demands as they sashay in one by one. Pick them out an item of clothing or a whole outfit based on their request and budget.

    If you’re not feeling confident enough at the start then you can suggest they ‘Take a look!’. If they’re just not feeling it, you have two more attempts at trying to convince them. Later on, as you become a fully-fledged fashionista and think you know better than them, you can go straight to ‘Try it on!’. This is the only chance to impress the customer however, and if they’re not happy, you won’t be making a sale! For each new item purchased, the customer will receive a stamp on a customer ‘Loyalty Card’. This is useful for enticing them back.

  • Bring some happiness into your life

    By pleasing your customers, changing your outfit, redecorating and much more you will earn Happiness, which is collected into a jar and then emptied into the moon overnight – if you can fill the moon, good things will happen...

  • Don’t forget to stock up!

    Being a successful businesswoman takes brains as well as fashion sense – you need to manage your boutique to the top! To maintain stock levels, visit the Exhibition Hall and stock up on lots of lovely new items. Different brands are available on different days and there’s only one particular item on sale per day. Any items you purchase are automatically delivered to the shop and your apartment. There are 20 brands overall in the Exhibition Hall to choose from, catering for all tastes.

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