In addition to saving Princess Peach in Story Mode, discover new and exciting game modes that let you explore the Mushroom Kingdom in all new ways!

Multiplayer Fun, Anytime

Friends and family can play together in Story, Boost Rush, and Coin Battle Mode, with up to five players at once using four Wii Remote controllers and the Wii U GamePad. New players can drop in or drop out any time—even right in the middle of a level via the Wii U GamePad!

See It In Action!
Multiplayer Fun, Anytime

Mario's Moves

Both Mario veterans and players new to the Mushroom Kingdom will feel right at home with intuitive controls, easy to perform with either a Wii Remote controller or the Wii U GamePad.

Mario's Moves: Dash


Holding the Y or 1 Buttons sends Mario forward at a faster speed, prepping him to jump higher and farther, or simply to race through obstacles.

Mario's Moves: Crouch


Pressing down makes Mario crouch closer to the ground. He can avoid oncoming aerial obstacles, and squeeze through tight spaces while on a moving platform or dashing forward.

Mario's Moves: Spin Jump

Spin Jump

A shake of your controller sends Mario spinning into the air. Shake while already airborne, and he'll do a little twist that gives him a bit of extra airtime.

Mario's Moves: Triple Jump

Triple Jump

With a running start, Mario can jump three times in quick succession to get even more vertical—perfect for reaching Star Coins, the tops of flag poles and more.

Mario's Moves: Ground Pound

Ground Pound

While airborne, press down on the +Control Pad to send Mario to the ground in a quick, forceful motion. When playing with a buddy, sync up your Ground Pounds for extra earth shaking action.

Mario's Moves: Wall Jump

Wall Jump

When Mario is sliding down a wall, you can press your jump button to launch in the other direction. If two walls are close by, you can jump back and forth to get high up.

Mario's Moves: Grab and Climb

Grab and Climb

Grab on to a pole, chain, or fence and you can send Mario up into the air and reach higher places.

Mario's Moves: Swim


Mario isn't quite as agile under water, but you can maneuver your way through carefully with the same button used to jump.

Getting Stuck?

Super Guide green block

If you fail a few times in a level, you can get a little help from the Super Guide. Hit the green block that appears, and Luigi will come along and show you the way to the goal.

Getting stuck? Hit the green block for help.