Word travels fast in the fashion industry, and your stylish new store is the talk of the town. Ethan Quinn, founder of NIN10 Productions talent agency, has certainly taken notice – he’s enlisting your help as the company’s stylist!

You’ll work with Rosie, Yolanda and Alina, three of the most promising young artists on the music scene, dreaming up new looks that’ll help propel them to superstardom.

Meet the stars of tomorrow

Total trendsetter

Watch on as these soon-to-be celebs take to the stage for fabulous live performances, bursting onto the glamorous music scene in the very outfits that you picked out!

live songs!

With the Mewtube app on your in-game smartphone, you can replay live shows whenever you feel like it. You can even change outfits, styles and camera angles at the touch of a button!

Stylish snaps

You and your new friends can get professional modelling shots taken at the NIN10 Pro headquarters anytime you like! Mix up your pose, facial expression and background for the perfect pic.

You can also press the Y Button to take a quick screenshot whenever the moment takes you – perfect for sharing on social media**!

Big city living

If you’re finding that life as a stylist just isn’t quite busy or exciting enough for your tastes, there’s a whole city’s worth of other experiences waiting to be seized, too.