When your uncle decides to pack his bags and travel the world, he gifts his quaint little boutique store to you. The only problem is, it’s a bit...ugh.

Sure, it’s in a pretty good location (and you’ll even get your own little place to live in as part of the deal!) but it’s all just so drab. Yep, this place needs a makeover!

As an up-and-coming style guru and entrepreneur, it’s up to you to take the reins and realise this boutique’s true potential as a successful business.

Style savvy

Customers will swing by your stylish store to get advice on the hottest new fashions. Listen to their requests, then share your trendiest tips and help them find the perfect look.

20,000+ items!

Whether it’s a dress for a date or a coat for a crucial job interview, you’ll need to pick out the right outfit for the right situation! There are brand new item types to experiment with, like headphones, bangles and wristwatches.

If your clients are suitably impressed with your selections, your Stylist Rank will increase – along with your reputation!

Become a styling star

Before you know it, you’ll be styling the stars of tomorrow! Work with Ethan, the founder of a top talent agency, to pioneer brave new styles for the rising stars of the music industry.

Take stock

Keep your boutique filled to the brim with all the latest looks by visiting the exhibition hall. New brands are cropping up here by the day – it’s high fashion heaven!

Set up shop

You can customise the look and feel of your boutique to your heart’s content, and entice new customers through the doors by arranging gorgeous window displays!

Live the city life

Thanks to you, this town’s on the up! There’ll be loads of new opportunities for you to take on at the menswear shop, the hair salon, the beautician and more.

Get your name out there

Share your creations with other designers around the world! Sell your wares for extra cash to spend in-game, or just post your favourite screenshots on social media**.