At the inn

After a tricky battle, care for your heroes at the inn! Feed your troops with all sorts of yummy grub to keep their strength up, and buy new weapons and items for them to use in battle.

Hey roomie!

By sharing a room, your warriors will get to know each other better, and might even become best mates. The stronger their friendship, the better they’ll work together in battle.

glorious food!

Satisfy those tummies and serve your hungry squad up their favourite meals! You can find loads of different food items by defeating monsters; goblin ham, butterfly honey, or even slime jelly! Yum! Feed these delectable dishes to your heroes and improve their stats! Bon appétit!

Pocket money

Sometimes, your troops might want to buy items like new weapons, outfits and accessories. If you’re feeling generous, you can give them some spending money, but be warned – they might just go and splash that cash on a scrumptious banana instead…