Anything can happen!

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to go on an adventure with your best friend, your crush and…your teacher?!

In Miitopia, you’ll head out on a hilariously quirky quest with your favourite Mii characters, where new surprises await at every turn. The big question is – who will you take with you?

A world full of familiar faces

Everyone in Miitopia is a Mii! Whether it’s the fearless hero, the beautiful Princess or even the evil Dark Lord, you decide who stars in this story. You could have your best mates join you in battle, dress Grandad up like a King, or turn Mum into the big baddy. The choice is yours!

Bring in your favourite Mii characters

There are loads of ways to bring your favourite Mii characters along! You can bring them in from Tomodachi Life, from Miitomo on your smart device, or make some new ones yourself. You can even go online* and have them picked automatically!

Here are some ideas…

Try Miitopia for free!*

Miitopia: Demo Version

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A free* playable demo of Miitopia lets you try out the first chapter of this crazy story right away!

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Guide your squad

Your new heroes will act by themselves, but it’s your job to care for them and support them in battle. By fighting together, they’ll grow stronger, build friendships, learn new skills and work better as a team!

Bonkers battles

Space Goblins! Evil Moles! Slices of Bread! You’ll bump into some strange enemies on your quest, and take part in even stranger battles…

Your team of heroes each have their own unique personalities, too. Watch out for surprising reactions from your Mii characters as they become best buds – or even fierce rivals!

You can tap in amiibo (sold separately) to unlock special new outfits for your Mii characters! Dress your crew up as your favourite Nintendo characters and save the world in style. Lookin’ good!

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