The varied play styles of Nintendo Switch allow up to four players** to step onto the court together – anytime, anywhere!

Same console, same screen

Pass Joy-Con controllers to friends for instant multiplayer match-ups for up to four players, whether on the TV or on the go!
You can also use a pair of Joy-Con in a Joy-Con Grip, or even the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sold separately).

Swing mode

With Swing mode, up to four players can use motion controls for a more energetic game of tennis!

Local wireless

Go head-to-head in local wireless battles for up to four players! Two players can also team up on the same Nintendo Switch console for intense Doubles matches.

LAN play

Get together and connect up to four Nintendo Switch systems in TV mode for a Mario Tennis LAN party!


Once you connect online, you can play a match with your friends or other players!
Events and online tournaments will be held frequently, with matchmaking based on your record during the event. You can even get special outfits and additional characters as a participation bonus!
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