Refined tennis gameplay

Risk and reward

Risk and reward

Mario Tennis Aces brings new twists to the good ol’ game of tennis, and offers a refined approach to gameplay, focusing on deep, strategic payoffs. It’s all about non-stop, split-second decisions!

Call the shots

There’s a variety of shots to serve up – topspin, lobs and slices, just to name a few! Watch your opponent’s moves carefully and unleash your most tactical, tricked out shots for game, set and match!

Energy gauge

Keep a rally going, or pull off crowd-pleasing Trick Shots, to build your energy gauge and get a chance to use special abilities!

Zone Shot

With the all-new Zone Shot, you can slow down time and use motion controls to aim precise, powerful returns.

Watch out!

You can block an opponent’s Zone Shot, but if your timing isn’t spot on, your racket will take damage. Too many hits, and it’ll break entirely, and you may even have to forfeit the game!

Zone Speed

Slow time to a crawl with Zone Speed, and dash across the court to return those tough-to-reach shots.

Special Shot

Initiate your ultimate shot! This almighty swipe will eat up your energy gauge in a big way, but it can turn the tide of tennis battle in the blink of an eye. It may even wreck your opponent’s racket in one hit!
Why not take things down a notch and try one of these modes?

Simple rules

Play a more authentic, stripped down game of tennis where only basic shots are allowed

Swing mode

Use your Joy-Con like a tennis racket and play with motion controls