Play special games
unique to the Extras mode!

Selecting Extras Mode from the Mario Party™ 9 menu screen will lead you to a series of Minigames with a twist - all offering either a more in-depth variation on an existing Minigame or a new challenge altogether.

  • Castle Clearout (1-2 players)

    It’s puzzle time! Connect six or more marbles of the same colour to clear a group, with certain patterns yielding special results. Battle a friend or see how long you last alone!

  • Shell Soccer (1-4 players)

    Split into teams and get kicking! The first team to knock over all seven of their opponents’ Goombas wins!

  • Goomba Bowling(Up to 4 players)

    Bowl your shell and try to topple as many Goombas as you can. Get the most points after five or ten frames to win!

  • Perspective Mode(1 player)

    Play Minigames from a new viewpoint in this challenging mode. There are ten minigames available, each unlocked by clearing the one before it.