Game Modes

Try your hand at a Grand Prix or Battle in Single Player mode, or race against all your friends. Connect to the Internet to play with up to 8 friends from all over the world.

Single Player

  • Grand Prix
    Jostle for first position and compete in eight cups. There are 32 courses in total, including 16 that make their debut in Mario Kart™ 7.
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  • Time Trials
    Select a course and aim to set the best time. You can also race against a 'ghost kart' - a saved replay of the record lap.
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  • Balloon Battle
    Battle with other characters and aim to burst all their balloons using items. Break the most within the time limit to take first place!
    Balloon Battle - thumbnail
  • Coin Battle
    Choose a stage and grab as many coins as you can. Collect more coins than your rivals to win the battle!
    Coin Battle - thumbnail


Up to eight players can play Mario Kart 7 using just one Game Card, as long as they've all got a Nintendo 3DS™ system.

* Players who do not have a Mario Kart 7 Game Card will automatically have Shy Guy selected as their character.

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Online - thumbnail

  • Worldwide
    Race against players of a similar skill level from all over the world.
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  • Friends/Opponents
    You can race registered friends, previous opponents and people you've met via StreetPass.
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  • Communities
    Play by your rules in a community of choice
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Mario Kart Channel

Exchange data with other players via StreetPass and SpotPass.

  • StreetPass
    Automatically exchange Mii characters, player names, ghost data and community information with the people you encounter.
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  • SpotPass
    Automatically connect to the Internet to receive ghost data and recommended community information from all over the world.
    SpotPass - thumbnail
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