Online Play

Mario Kart™ 7 gives you the opportunity to race against all sorts of people: friends in the same room, people you walk past, and players from all over the world!

  • Worldwide
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    Up to eight players from anywhere in the world can race or battle together. Your opponents will be selected from players who have a similar skill level to yours.
  • Friends/Opponents
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    Your friends, people you've already played against, and people you've encountered via StreetPass are added to the list of people you can play with online.


Create an online space for just you and your friends to gather.

Joining a community means you don't have to register every single person you want to play with as a friend. Communities make it easy for friends to gather online and play together.

  • Community of Friends Nearby
  • Community of Friends Around the World

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Creating a Community

Anyone can create a community - you just need to choose the game settings for it and share the code assigned to the community with your friends.

* Any one player can create a maximum of eight communities.

Participating in a Community

You can join Communities by searching for them using their community code (given to you by a friend who's a member), or by choosing them from a list of recommended communities received via SpotPass.

G - General