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Matthew Romano

Community Member Bio

Name Matthew Romano
MK7 Mii Name Matthew
VR Points 1738
MK Style Banana Blitzer
Favourite track Wuhu Mountain Loop
Fastest time 1:45.236
Favourite Item The red shell - because the target cant dodge

Hi, I'm Jamie. I work at Nintendo as the Product Expert, meaning I'm lucky enough to play games all day! I'm a self professed Mario Kart 7 expert, check out my hints & tips below. I'll update with hints & tips for beginners and experts and watch out for community challenges where you can practice your skills. See you online and you can put me to the test :)

Tip 30

22 Mar 2012

Last week was one of the toughest weeks of Mario Kart 7 racing yet! With Charles Martinet (The Voice of Mario!) and the rest of the Nintendo crew racing in the Community, I was impressed to see the skill of some of you guys and girls. I'm going to put that down to my Tips & Tricks videos…Check out the last two Hints and Tips videos and get ready for the next race!

Tip 29

7 Mar 2012

How has everyone been enjoying the community challenges? There have been some really great races so far! Have the Australian Gaming Website Identities or Nintendo Staff proved a challenge?

Tip 28

7 Mar 2012

I think everyone should find something in the latest round of tips and tricks videos that will help them be a better racer. Are there any tips I’ve missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Tip 27

7 Mar 2012

When you get Triple Mushrooms, don’t rush to use them. Instead look to cut across large sections of grass, take glider shortcuts in the air or if you get hit by an opponent, a Mushroom is the perfect way to get up to speed again.

Tip 26

7 Mar 2012

Sometimes cancelling the Glider mid-flight (by pressing your brake button) can be beneficial in collecting that much needed item or coins.

Tip 25

7 Mar 2012

You can unlock Gold Kart Parts by meeting certain requirements. See if you can find out what they are!

Tip 24

7 Mar 2012

For a real challenge try and place 1st in a 150cc Grand Prix without using an item. Holding Banana's not allowed!

Tip 23

7 Mar 2012

There are many ways to deal with a Lucky 7 – dropping the Bob-omb behind you or using the Super Star straight away is the safest way to avoid disaster.

Tip 22

7 Mar 2012

What is the best lap time you can manage on SNES Rainbow Road? My best is 25.701.

Tip 21

7 Mar 2012

If you’re trying to reel someone in with your Triple Red Shells, don’t fire them all at once. Leave a second or two between each shot as the kart in front of you will be invulnerable for a short amount of time after taking the first hit.

Tip 20

7 Mar 2012

If you manage to race to first place holding a Spiny Shell, be careful as it will immediately hit you if fired.

Tip 19

7 Mar 2012

If another racer is holding a Bob-omb behind them, or has a Bob-omb in their Lucky 7, shoot it with a green shell to blow them away!

Tip 18

7 Mar 2012

With the Fire Flower, only 3 fireballs can be in play at firing a fourth will extinguish the first. Watch out!.

Tip 17

7 Mar 2012

Holding a bob-omb behind you for too long can be dangerous, as a rogue shell could send you sky high. Best to drop it behind you - it'll walk towards the oncoming racers and explode when one gets within it's blast radius!

Tip 16

7 Mar 2012

To pull off some of the cheekiest moves around, look out for someone with a Lucky 7. Stay close and try and pick off their Super Star or Mushroom. Better yet, try and shoot their Bob-omb with a Green Shell, driving by to claim a Super Star or Mushroom that will be left lying on the track as a result.

Tip 15

1 Mar 2012

To help you prepare for the next community challenge on Monday, join the community each night from 6:30pm (EST) and race fellow AUS/NZ racers! I'll be jumping on from time to time with some of the Nintendo crew to make sure your skills are up to scratch.

Tip 14

27 Feb 2012

Red Shells and the Lightning can be best used when opponents are flying over gaps!

Tip 13

27 Feb 2012

Don’t forget that many items can be used offensively and defensively. Bananas, Shells, Bombs and Fireballs can be thrown forward to hit other racers or held and thrown behind your kart to protect yourself.

Tip 12

27 Feb 2012

Be sure to release a Mini-Turbo well before a dash or glide panel to maximise time spent with a speed boost.

Tip 11

27 Feb 2012

My best time for DS Luigi’s Mansion is 1.50.178 – Can you beat it?

Tip 10

27 Feb 2012

Remember that you can change the map view on the touch screen. Using the zoomed view you’re able to monitor opponent items and position. The total track view however can give you important insight into track layout and the spread of the field.

Tip 9

27 Feb 2012

Bananas are best placed around tight corners or at the tip of a ramp or glide panel. Or perhaps try the classic trick – dropping a banana just after an Item Box!

Tip 8

27 Feb 2012

If you’re holding a red shell and get zapped by Lightning, you’ll drop it on the track. These red shells can be reactivated by hitting them with your Tanooki Tail!

Tip 7

22 Feb 2012

Many of the classic courses have new shortcuts and sections. Keep your eyes peeled and explore each track!

Tip 6

22 Feb 2012

If a Spiny Shell is coming your way and there is no escape, be sure to use any item you may have, because you’re about to lose them otherwise!

Tip 5

22 Feb 2012

My absolute favourite thing to do is to save a Super Star for when someone uses a Lightning. Keep your eyes peeled on opponent items after a set of Item Boxes and be quick to use the Super Star if you see someone get lightning! Pull this off and you’ll be laughing all the way to the finish line.

Tip 4

22 Feb 2012

Even if you have 10 coins, collect additional coins anyway, as each one gives you a small speed boost when collected.

Tip 3

22 Feb 2012

Here is a challenge to get you warmed up for the Community Races. Try and beat my time of 1.52.940 on Daisy Hills.

Tip 2

22 Feb 2012

Remember to hop for a jump boost on any inclined surface! Ramps, logs, bumps, even piano keys!

Tip 1

22 Feb 2012

Check out my videos for some Beginner Hints and Tips to get you started – check back next week as the tips get more advanced!

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  • Joe, Sydney

    I love Mario Kart 7! Because it's Just Mazeing! Rideing all Day! Wooh!



  • ROYAL PAIN, sydney,nsw

    mario kart 7 Is the best game on 3ds LOVE IT!!!

  • Jack K, Tassie

    i love mucking around on mk7 and taking people out with the star or the tail

  • Ryan, NJ

    Always on the internet burnin' rubber, I'm getting really close speeds to the pro Japanese. :D

  • Tibs, VIC

    always awesome playing online. starting to get a little bit to easy though :P

  • matthew romano, not elling people mght stalk

    yayayayaayayayaya i got VOTED WOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Travis, Perth W.A.

    I just love Mario Kart 7 and when I verse mu friend Luke, I totaly win all the time but he still does beat me somtimes though.

  • Bryan Hillary, Melbourne

    There is always one annoying person that always chooses SNES Rainbow Road when I play online. I ALWAYS FALL OFF THE EDGE!! D:

  • Muhammad Abid, New York

    Mario Kart 7 is awesome!

  • Reece, Perth

    Mario Kart 7 is the awesome 3DS racing game in 2011!!!!!!!!

  • robert, barraba nsw

    i love this game i can't wait to unlock the golden parts

  • Luke, NZ

    It's great fun versing my cousin Cole over the internet. It's an intense battle! Cole, is always Lakitu. At the last minute, I beat him...

  • Bonnie, NSW

    Trying for 3 stars on all laps. Grrr Spiny Shell!

  • dartz, NSW

    i cant wait to get all gold part!!!

  • sdm, NSW

    I love MK7. its the best one yet. i have been looking forwrd to it ever since it was announced. the best part is the 3d perspective and playable miis.

  • Jayden, Brisbane, Albany Creek

    Who's the best character for the gold parts? I'm probably going to stick with Mario.

  • Liam, NSW

    Keen to verse some staff members :)

  • Ron Jeremy, Rooty Hill, NSW

    I love coming from behind. And when i claim victory i do a little dance around the room

  • Will, Melbourne

    So fun, love the hang gliding!

  • Des Tickle, Melbourne

    What a great game, online can be very challenging, you can go from 1st to last in an instance but it keeps you coming back for more. Go Shy Guy!!!!!

  • Yessoan, Australia, Melbourne

    Even though my wifi doesn't work, I'm still rocking the local!

  • Nin*Aaron, VIC,Melbourne


  • chloe, penrith

    i just think its the best game i have on 3DS my cus has it and i am getting it for my birthday CAN'T WAIT

  • itm, mel

    i'm number 1 on WML my mii'a name is legend and i'm playing as HQ

  • Dylan Eastoe, Townsville

    Mario kart 7 is the best I love it i 've got all the trophys I can use my mii character on it I play it all the time

  • Kendall , Vic

    Love Mario kart7! I luv it!

  • Andre Perruzza, Perth WA

    I cant wait until i get metal Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • saife, algeria

    i love mario kart 7 i cant wait to play it

  • James, South Australia

    I like playing as Metal Mario, because I haven't seen him since Super Smash Bros Melee for the Gamecube.

  • Hugh Jorgan, Sydney NSW

    Theres no doubt it's a great game but have you played Kid Icarus Uprising OMG NINTENDO JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER

  • Nicholas, Your Location

    One of the best Mario Kart games ever! if u have a 3DS u have to have this game!

  • Link, Kariong new south wales

    This is awesome I luv nintendo

  • Andre Perruzza, Perth WA

    i'm a huge fan of Mario Kart 7 & other mario games

  • Joe, Aussie

    Been a fan of the series since the first MK

  • Liam (kksl1der), QLD

    I've done more than 70 hours in Mario Kart 7 and I'm still loving it!

  • WengWei, Victoria

    Lets have a fun battle =D

  • Kendall, Vic

    The best game ever! Amazing graphics!

  • sam, 19 Goege street

    sam,Australia My favourite character is princes peach.

  • Reece, Perth, WA

    The Growlster is aggressive in races!

  • Reece, Perth, WA

    I can take on any on online multiplayer even if they're better or not

  • nintendo 1# fan, nintendo land

    I love racing and I met jamie wilson at the 2011 tour in S..........A..........

  • Caleb, NSW

    Playing against the staff was great! You guys are awesome!

  • angelo, melboure

    best game ever, play it all day and night

  • Aydin, Canada Alberta

    I love the game so much! You can unlock awesome characters, like Lakitu! And now, its getting better? I getta vs. nintendo staff!

  • Thomas , Qld

    I Love Mario Kart 7 and im going to join the racing now

  • Ethan Marlow, NSW

    Mario Kart 7 is my favourite Nintendo game I have ever played.

  • Jayden, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

    I finally got all the gold parts!!!!!

  • Finn, Yanchep

    who's keeps on hitting with the sludge thingeys? whoever it is there gonna pay!

  • shayla, Union nj

    its soooo much fun best of all mario karts

  • Mr freeman 64 , Victoria Australia

    My first time playing Mario kart 7. It was amazing the graphics are awesome,the controls are accurate,the race tracks are perfect, it's all perfect !!

  • William, Aus NSW Sydney Penrith

    How Do You Get The Silver Mario Or Whatever His Name Is?

  • Zeke, TAS

    Yay, I beat Nin*Jamie!

  • Jake Robertson, Vic

    Love this game, plus the 3D makes it even more fun!!!!

  • kylie, adelaide

    Yoshi is my favourite!!!!! i love unlocking things

  • Alexandra, New Zeland

    It is a very fun game Jamie helped with tips and other stuff

  • Sonic fan, Qld

    I love Koopa Troopa! I Havnt got this game yet but want it now!

  • liameisen, 25 canning st nth melb

    a lot of the sortcuts can be made by a glider but not so ofter with a preppoler

  • zak, sydney

    I love it the most fun game i'v ever played

  • will, qld australia

    im sick of the red shellz they always get me

  • Greg, Victoria, Australia

    I had heaps of fun last night! I didn't get a chance to race against Charles Martinet, though :( BUT, I did race against Jamie as Mario!

  • Caleb, NSW

    Mario Kart 7 may just be the greatest online game ever! Catch me online sometimes! I'm really good!

  • Marcus, Bendigo

    Racing against voice of Mario was awesome!! Thanks for taking the time and playing against us Charles!!

  • Timbo, Kangaroo Island

    Sooo much fun racing tonight!! Nintendo staff are so hard to catch.

  • Sally, NSW

    Loved playing against Charles Martinet tonight awesome

  • Andy, Brisbane

    Tonight was awsome besides there being soooooooooooooo many people I only got to vs the speicial guests 1nce :( how did you guys go?

  • Declan, Australia

    losing all the races against the nintendo staff XD

  • Peyj, QLD

    Hi Charles Martinet, thanks so much for the race just now! That was awesome! :D

  • Peyj, QLD

    Looking forward to racing Charles Martinet!

  • Andy, brisbane


  • Daniel, Australia,new south wales, chatswood west

    I am awesome!i dodged 3 spiny shells in a row! :O

  • Han, Australia

    This game is a total WIN!! Third fave after Wii and '64. Damn I love racing as Yoshi and Shy Guy!

  • Noah, Nsw

    I love Mario kart 7 my vr is 5788

  • CNM, Sydney

    Mario Kart is so addictive! Just reached 10000VR and i'm still playing! There should be a Mario Kart Tournament at this year's Connection Tour! ^_^

  • Riley, Manitoba

    The game was awesome! I enjoy unlocking characters, getting ghost, goIng online, and Racing as my mii.MarioKart 7 is awesome!

  • Tom1819, Sydney, Australia

    I got Mario Kart 7 the first day it came out and have been playing it with my friends ever since! we all love to play it and it's my favourite game.

  • l, Your Location

    Wanna beat some staff members tonight.

  • Beth, NSW

    Mariokart is an old time favourite; I love getting a bunch of friends together to VS and battle; we always like to giggle when we get hit with items.

  • kira, Your Location


  • Rowan, Australia

    This is awesome! I get to race Nintendo?! That's more awesome!!!:)

  • Anthony, Sydney

    It is a very good game but is v hard to get past 2000 VR

  • Luke, New Zealand


  • Matt, USA

    I always lose when playing online, but I do relatively good when it comes to single player.

  • Houda.abdulwahab, wow

    omg it's soooo fun you should play comon join in

  • Jessica, N.S.W Sydney

    The best Mario Kart ever .I have the World Record for Wuhu Mountain Loop . Try to beat me.

  • Zeke, Launceston

    I found the best combination for me! The B-Dasher, Gold Wheels and the Paraglider!

  • R, Perth

    almost got 3 star rank on everything!!! (4 cups to go)

  • sam whitton, Your Location

    me and my little bro play local multiplyer and battle for hours, ive almost unlocked every car part just a few more to go

  • SashicX, Vancouver, BC, Canada

    I've been enjoying Mario Kart 7 a lot. The Wifi mode can be really fun and enjoyable. Not only that, the communities is a excellent feature and fun.

  • Jordan Bradley , Bendigo VIC

    I am pretty good at this game, I think I'll join the community :D

  • Andy Wells, Melbourne

    I can't wait to play against Charles on Monday Woo Hoo!

  • Ken, Australia

    Bring it on Australia!!!!!!!!

  • Adrian Montuoro, Doncaster, Melbourne

    It's been months since this game came out and i'm still addicted! This is the perfect racing game that won't get you bored :)

  • kimmmyyyyy, somewhere??


  • Leo Skowronek, Sydney, NSW

    Love mk7, my 2nd favorite mario kart after ds. My favorite new track is Melody Motorway and my favorite retro track is Airship Fortress. MK7 is epic!

  • Nathan, Australia

    I love the new flight capabilities in Mario kart 7. A bit slow at the start but then it became very adictive. Been playing every day.

  • winni, launceston

    i just got my first lucky 7!!! uber cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peyj, QLD

    Looking forward to racing you guys tonight :)

  • Joel, Australia

    Holy Moly! I never had anymore fun in years! My favourite Nitro track is Koopa City and my favourite Retro track is DS Airship Fortress.

  • Jake Kutlesovski, Australia Melboure Sunshine

    I have 2029VR Wins 507 Losses 494 Coins Colleceted 2429 Street Pass 4

  • Jake Kutlesovski, Australia Melboure Sunshine

    Can anyone beat my time trials at Wuhn Mountain Loop: 1:16.143

  • Matt, Whyalla, SA

    It's always a fun race, until you are just before the finish line, and BAM! Blue shell. -.-

  • Sophie, Australia

    I LOVE MARIO KART i play it in the car, on the plane, EVERYWHERE!!

  • dylan, victoria

    it is so fun its the best game ever and luigi and yoshi are the best

  • Joshua Outtrim, Auckland

    i love it Mario kart 7 is the best handheld mario kart game because i have Mario kart DS, and i love Daisy and Yoshi , i just need the golded kart

  • Dan, australia

    I am 7 and i beat a bunch of 18 guys!i have 3 stars. all my friends at school call me the video game master! :)

  • Timothy Knight, Lidcombe Nsw


  • Gabriel, Auckland

    I love Yoshi .

  • Sarah, Melbourne

    I have the Golden Cart nananananana

  • Tim, Bribie Island

    Gotta love it. Online community or on your own there is always a great race waiting just around the corner. See YOU on the track ;Q

  • Will, SA

    This is my favourite game, I just raced against Emre from Vooks! He was really good!

  • Ethan, Thomastown

    24 points in Nintendo AUS/NZ community.

  • Frenchy, Perth

    Epic amounts of fun. My son and I play this every night to try to collect new parts

  • Racer mk7, new zealand

    Im coming 5th on the commmunity mii is bert from the muppets.You will see me on the leader board.good luck

  • Will Lauer (Lah), Brisbane

    I finally got to VS some staff tonight including Jamie Wilson! He was quite the challenge and I nearly beat him!

  • metalliguy, SA

    Had a great time guys! :D

  • Jake, Wantirna, Melbroune

    I raced against Nin*Joey and he was really tough! I almost beat him. So much fun and I can't wait to do this again. Thanks Nintendo!!!

  • ronan, hunter valley

    i raced daniel vuckovic but i lost!!! i want a rematch!!!

  • Gustavo, Las Vegas

    I've been playing Mario Kart 7 since Christmas and I gotta say the online is pretty addicting, on the road to 10000 VR, at 2300 currently :P

  • Bree, Brisbane

    I love to race with my friends online, I have unlocked the golden Glider and the Golden wheels so far :D

  • Sam, Adelaide

    Loving this game, cant wait to vs official Nintendo staff! :D But people using the wuhu glitches bugs me, you dont have to cheat to win ;)

  • Mathew, Hoenn

    My favorite course is Koopa City. It s cool and the music is awesome!

  • :-), not telling

    Hi, can everyone go easy on me? I just wanna have fun! p.s I'll be racing as monkey boy!

  • Danny TwinDelphine, Australia

    I have been playing Mario Kart 7 with my friends in Singapore, so I'm here to challenge you all! BTW, I'm anti-Maka Wuhu glitch here. FEEL MY WRATH!

  • Markus, Rowville VIC

    I keep unlocking kart parts, but it still shows me that there more to unlock! I can't wait to get the rest!

  • Liz, Albany

    I've played it since it first came out on the DS :) All the versions are so fun! LOOK OUT PEOPLE I'M COMING!!!!

  • ACE, Melbourne

    I raced against Mark Webber the other night he really is good I wish the real Mark Webber was as good as him

  • Ethan, Thornbury

    Just can't get above 2000 VR. Stuck on 1107.

  • jacob, 6 sidwick st attwood

    it is the coolest game i have ever tried thumbs up:)

  • Jamer, Melboune

    Mario Kart 7 is the best racing game ever. Who wouldn't like it? All I want to do is beat Jamie and the people who I met at the Mario Kart competion.

  • Ryan, Perth

    I may be too young to be skilled but watch out. I am very good at Mario Kart 7. You should see my MK7 profile.

  • Andy, Brisbane

    Don't you just luv it when your on a hard grand prix like 150cc special cup then you win it and unlock more people to play online

  • Tony N, Brisbane

    Great! Mario Kart 7 is a fun online game;It never gets boring! I have 27xxx VR and racing aganist the pros can be a chaotic but fun. I hate WML glitch

  • Reece Bassett, Australia

    Mario Kart 7 is a really awesome 3DS game. I love playing online multiplayer and race against people around the world.

  • Thomas, Australia

    I love playing Mario Kart 7, it is the greatest, funnest online game I've ever played.

  • Mohammad Rifai, Western Sydney

    Great game with friends. Must buy game.

  • CNM, Sydney, Australia

    Best Kart racing game ever. So satisfying when you come in first place out of 7 other people!

  • Matthew Nickalls, Australia

    Best Mario Kart game. I love the online communities

  • Andrew Emin, East Keilor, Australia

    One of the best video game software of 2011

  • Sarah, Australia

    MK7 is a great online game. I love MK7 for 3DS!

  • Flick, Sydney

    So much fun racing against Ozy racers, thanks Nintendo!

  • Corey Sparkes, Launceston Australia

    I love Mario kart 7! I can't wait to put my skills against the staff of Nintendo! :D

  • Brian, Preston VIC

    I was just racing against Nin*Jamie from Nintendo and totally smoked him... actualy, he was pretty damn good

  • Jimmy, Carratha

    Who keeps hitting me with Red Shells just before the finish line.... arrrgh!!

  • Jason Smithers, Canberra

    I think Mario Kart 7 is the best one yet! Those Blue shells.....oh my god!

  • Cats, Melbourne

    Love that you can escape blue shells with mushrooms. Mario Kart is the main reason to get the 3DS right? :3

  • Damian Chadban, Sydney, Australia

    Mario Kart 7 is the greatest racing and Mario Kart game of all time. It is simply fantastic.

  • joel, Auckland New Zealand

    This a amazing 3DS game.Its better than the Wii version! Cant wait to play all the Nintendo staff members.

  • Kris Kyle, St Kilda

    MK7 is killer! Step aside players, drift king comin through!!!

  • Mario Kart Heptathlon Champion: William, Hallam

    New MK games always gives me new challenges. MK7 takes the cake with well polished Gyro View. Do you dare to challenge my Daisy with my Gyro Skills???

  • David, Gold Coast

    To all those people who repeated choose Wuhu Mountain Loop just to exploit the super shortcut. You guys ruin the fun and have no skill.

  • Harry Dodds, Busselton, Australia

    Mario kart 7 is the best game ever, its the most played game on my 3DS

  • Jason, Victoria

    I discovered a shortcut on Wuhu Mountain Loop thanks to the Japanese players via Wi-Fi!

  • @TanookiSteven, Unova

    Loved MK7 so much and my most favorite track is Rock Rock Mountain ;D! If you choose it, well.. Get ready for an MK7 beating >=D