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Enter if you dare...

Can Luigi survive in a haunted house and rescue Mario? If he can solve some petrifying puzzles and suck up all the spooky spirits in his Poltergust 3000, he might just stand a ghost of a chance!

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Luigi to the rescue?

How did Luigi get into this mess anyway? Get the scoop on this spooky story and meet some of the haunted cast of this twisted tale.

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Ghost catching 101

Don’t worry—Luigi’s not alone in this creepy quest. Esteemed ghost collector Professor E. Gadd is on hand to supply Luigi with all the ghost-hunting tools he’ll need to save the day.

Get those ghosts!
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Pink ghost.

It’s double trouble for those ghosts!

For the first time, you can play Luigi’s Mansion with a friend.

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Luigis Mansion

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Ready to explore the mansion and help Luigi? Find out how to get the game!

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Can you get those ghosts?

Luigi’s Mansion isn’t the only place that’s haunted—this website is too! Can you help Luigi find the FOUR hidden Boos throughout the site? Afterwards, you can help yourself to some My Nintendo Platinum Points and wallpapers.

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