Extra Fun
Energy Spheres are Hidden All Over the Place
Energy Spheres are small parts
of the spaceship that became scattered
around the various stages when it fell from the sky. Collect as many as you can to open up new sections of the game!
Master your Copy Abilities in these Challenge Stages!

Collect Energy Spheres to unlock Challenge Stages that you must complete using only one Copy Ability. Master the various aspects of the ability to defeat enemies, and make it to the goal quickly and safely to try and get a high score.
Sub-games for Everyone to Play Together!

Collecting Energy Spheres also unlocks sub-games that are simple enough for anyone to play. Up to four players can play these games at the same time.
Ninja Dojo
Scope Shot
Find the locations that let you enter another dimension!

Some stages have another dimension hidden somewhere within them. Only basic actions are allowed in this dimension, and you'll need to make sure you don't get swallowed up by the wall that creeps up behind you as you make your way to the exit. This other dimension is a test of how quickly and accurately you can control Kirby. You'll be rewarded with some Energy Spheres along the way.
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