Kirby's Basic Actions
Walk and Jump
Kirby's most basic moves.
Use the Control Pad to walk
and the Button to jump.

You can also dash when you're in a hurry and swim when you're underwater.
Inhale and Spit
Kirby opens wide to inhale enemies and blocks into his mouth. He can attack enemies and smash blocks by spitting out the things he has inhaled.

To inhale larger enemies and
blocks you'll need to perform
a 'Super Inhale' by shaking
the Wii Remote ™ as
Kirby breathes in.
Some enemies carry
special abilities. Inhaling
these enemies and then
swallowing them allows
you to copy these abilities.
Filling Kirby's cheeks with air will allow him to float through the sky - a technique known as hovering.

Hovering can help you survive even the most gruelling of stages scot-free!
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