Overcome a colourless curse!

It seems like just another peaceful day in the ever-vibrant Dream Land... Kirby and his friends are minding their own business, when suddenly a mysterious bad guy bursts out of a portal and drains all of the colour from Kirby’s home!

Now it’s up to Kirby to make Dream Land bright and beautiful again! With the help of a magical paintbrush, Kirby hops through the portal and sets off on another colourful adventure…

Meet the characters!


Plucky pink puffball Kirby is always ready to jump – or roll – into action! The only thing bigger than his heroic spirit is his appetite!


A magical paintbrush who escapes from the portal and helps Kirby out on his adventure! Elline can draw rainbow ropes for Kirby and Waddle Dee to follow, or even transform Kirby completely.

Waddle Dee

These Dream Land inhabitants join Kirby on this adventure. They can deliver strong strikes with their spears, and they can carry Kirby around too!


The latest danger to Dream Land, Claycia is an artist gone bad who steals all the colours from Kirby’s home. You’ve got to stop her!