A touch of colour

Guide Kirby to the goal by drawing rainbow ropes on the Wii U GamePad touch screen.

Use rainbow ropes to make loops, get past obstacles, launch Kirby into the air or protect him from danger! But watch out – you can only draw a limited amount of rainbow rope at a time, and it disappears over time. If your ink gauge runs dry, you’ll be unable to draw again until it recharges!

Special skills

You’ll need to brush up on these skills if you’re going to restore Dream Land’s true colours!

  • Loop-de-loop

    When Kirby goes through a loop, he gets a burst of speed!

  • Tap Dash

    Tap Kirby to smash through enemies or blocks!

  • Star Dash

    Scoop up 100 Point Stars, then tap and hold Kirby to unleash a more powerful dash!

Break the mould

Kirby can completely transform into a variety of vehicles at certain times! Use rainbow ropes in different ways depending on your form.

Kirby Rocket

Guide Kirby’s flight path with rainbow ropes and blast straight through anything in your way!

Kirby Tank

Kirby trundles along on his own in this form, but he’ll drive up any rainbow ropes you draw and fire his cannon in any direction you tap!

Kirby Submarine

Kirby glides through the water gracefully towards the point you tap. Use rainbow ropes to direct his torpedoes at your targets!

Clay companions

Kirby doesn’t have to be alone on this adventure. Up to four players can join the fun, and you’ll have different abilities depending on your character, too!

Wade in with Waddle Dee

Only the player using the Wii U GamePad can control Kirby and draw rainbow ropes, but up to three others can drop in or drop out as Waddle Dees at any time, using Wii Remotes or Wii U Pro Controllers. Waddle Dees can run along rainbow ropes, collect items, use their spears to attack enemies and pick up Kirby if he needs a helping hand!

Get the Grab Hands!

Grab Hands show up in multiplayer mode, and they’ll stop at nothing to get hold of Kirby! Kirby’s powerless against Grab Hands, so it’s up to the Waddle Dees to fend them off.

Challenges await!

Try to get to the treasure before the clock runs out during timed challenges! These minigames can be found dotted throughout the main mode, and you can also go for the best score by playing through them as many times as you like in the Challenge Mode. There are dozens to beat – are you up to the task?