Track down treasure

Roll wherever you can and poke at any suspicious surface with the stylus – you never know where you’ll find a hidden item or Treasure Chest! Explore each level carefully to find everything on offer…


  • Figurines

    Some Treasure Chests contain cool clay models of characters. You can look at your collection in the Figurine Showcase.

  • Secret Diary pages

    At the end of each stage, you have a chance to score a prize from a roulette wheel. If you’re lucky, you can swipe up a page of the Secret Diary. Collect them all to read the whole story!

  • Music

    Other Treasure Chests hold music tracks from Kirby’s adventures, past and present. Spin the decks with Kirby in the Music Room to listen to any music you’ve found!


  • Point Stars

    These stars are everywhere! If you collect 100, you can use a powerful special move.

  • Ink bottles

    Top up your ink gauge with these useful items. The ink gauge will also refill when Kirby rests on the ground or on a cloud.

  • Puzzle pieces

    When you pick up a puzzle piece, others are bound to appear! Grab them all to get a Treasure Chest.