The story kicks off at Raimon Jr. High School, and when you’re not on the pitch, you’ll get to explore the school in order to advance the plot. There’s a stack of things to do: find items, discover new locations, go shopping and chat to locals to keep up-to-date!


Use the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad (sold separately, limited stock available) or C Stick on the New Nintendo 3DS to guide Arion through the game world. You can also draw a path with the Touch Screen, and the further away you draw, the faster he runs! Spin the viewpoint by 45°, with the L and R Buttons, which really shows off the super-slick 3D graphics. Once you have access to the Map, the world opens up and you can choose where to go!


As you wander through the various locations in Inazuma, you’ll discover different points of interest – investigate by pressing the A Button or tapping the Touch Screen. Making use of each will cost you Prestige Points, but you can keep them topped up by winning Matches and Battles. Just be sure you explore thoroughly!


You can visit various different stores, including Convenience Stores for restorative items, Sports Shops for equipment and Special Move Shops to obtain Move Manuals.

Restore Spots

Stop off at one of these and you’ll replenish both your Fitness and Technical Points.

Special Training Spots

There’s a variety of these around Inazuma, and a few Prestige Points will let you spin a wheel to get a random increase to one particular statistic


Keep your peepers open for map locations marked with camera icons – you'll need to take photos to recruit certain players.


There are lots of people living in Inazuma who will tell you about themselves, and sometimes offer titbits of useful information. Approach another character, and when you see a speech bubble, press the A Button or tap the Touch Screen. Sometimes you’ll see ‘Chat Lock’ appear onscreen, where you have to talk to certain characters to progress.


To begin with, your stomping ground will be Raimon Jr. High School but you’ll also get to visit various places in Inazuma town like Riverside, the Shopping Area and the Royal Academy. Maybe, one day, you’ll even be able to travel further afield…

No-one would deny the fun of sculpting a ferocious, 11-man squad, tweaking and training until it’s a well-oiled machine. But the real magic only happens on the pitch. So, why not get match-fit with some pre-game intel?


During the story, you’ll play Matches to forward the plot. Use your full team over two 30-minute halves, which equate to ten minutes of real-time action. Only one way to win – score more goals!

However, don’t think you’re safe if you’re just exploring, as random teams can challenge you at any point. Known as a Battle, this kind of game features five-a-side play, but with a specific task to fulfil: gain possession or score first, for example. Winning a Battle will net you Experience Points and you might even get an offer from a losing player to join your team!


Getting your men on the ball is child’s play – trace the movement of your active player by drawing a path on the Touch Screen with your Stylus. Tap another player to pass the ball directly, or a space on the pitch to knock it on (hold down to chip). To shoot, tap the goal when you think you’re ready, and target opposing players by tapping them – just watch as your team mates close in for the tackle!

As well as shot type, you’ll also need to consider points:

  • Fitness Points
    You’ve only got a limited number of Fitness Points (FP) to spend, and the more moves you make or shots you take, the quicker they deplete. Passing is your best bet for conserving your energy!
  • Technical Points
    Technical Points (TP) govern the cost of performing Special Moves: gobble them all up in the first 30 minutes, and you’ll have nothing for the second half, so pace yourself.

    To replenish both Fitness Points and Technical Points between matches you can spend Prestige Points at restore spots.

Special Moves

Inazuma has over 200 super-powered, anime-style tricks, which your players gain during the story or when they level up. Whenever you enter a Command Duel during a match, tap the lightning bolt icon to pick from four types of Special Moves: Shot, Dribble, Block and Save. These are more powerful than regular moves and may well save your skin!


Fighting Spirit

Fighting Spirits are large beasties you can summon during games to temporarily raise stats and perform Special Moves. The more you use them, the stronger they grow, and their effectiveness is measured by FSP (Fighting Spirit Points). Watch for Spirit Duels, too, which happen if an opposing player summons a Fighting Spirit at the same time as you!


Team Tactics

As manager, you need to make sure your team’s tactics are up to scratch for your next match. You should do this to prepare before a match, but there are also several options to consider while you’re in the heat of the game:

  • Time Out: Use this to pause the match and adjust your Formation or equipped Items.
  • Shot Icon: Fancy a punt at goal? Going for a long shot might be an option – you can’t use it in Battles though…
  • Special Tactics Icon: Tap this option to spend Team TP and carry out a special play involving the whole team! These can be Attack, Defence or Other Special Tactics.
  • Fighting Spirit Icon: This will summon a Fighting Spirit.


Every player has an element, and the four of them have a sort of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ effect on each other: Air beats Earth beats Fire beats Wood beats Air, and so on. If you put Air against Earth, you’ve got a far-improved shot of winning a one-on-one or even a one-on-two Command Duel. Choosing which way to stack your team’s elemental bias is a big part of preparing your defences against tough opponents.

Command Duels

When two or more players clash, play pauses so you can face-off in a Command Duel. These give you a choice of plays and you need to select whichever move you think will have the best chance of winning the duel. The outcome will depend on factors such as your Element type versus the other player’s, your player’s stats and which move you opt for.

If you want to be top dog on the pitch, you’re going to need to build one heck of a team! The better your players, the greater chance you’ll have of thrashing the competition, so make sure to take advantage of all training opportunities.



Every player – including Arion – has a set of stats that determines their strengths and weaknesses in play. These include attributes such as Kick, Dribble, Speed and Stamina, and you’ll be able to choose who to draft in by weighing up their pros and cons. There are also Fitness Points and Technical Points active during matches, which slowly run out as you take shots or perform Special Moves.

To improve your players’ stats, you need Experience Points, which you gain by winning Matches. As you earn Experience Points, and level up, your players' stats will increase and they will become stronger. Keep an eye on your players and make sure you mould them into effective team members.


Earn Prestige Points as you make progress, then spend them on items, at special training spots or replenish your team’s Fitness Points or Technical Points.


Defeat a rival team to win Prestige Points. The more you’ve got, the more players you can recruit! Run short, and you can exchange Play Coins for them, too, by chatting to the Old Guru on the Inazuma Bus.


These are the two main ways to get new blood on your team. The first is a PalPack Card – find a dealer, then exchange Friendship Points for a card, which acts as a brochure for new players. It’ll show their name and stats, along with a required task needed to recruit them. But don’t think you’ll be able to tempt everyone to your squad – there’s only 110 slots but over a thousand potential players, so choose wisely!

The other way to bring in a new player is by Battle Recruiting: whenever you win a five-a-side game, you might get approached by one of the losing team, who’ll ask to join. Simply accept their offer, and you’ve got a new team mate!


Scattered throughout Inazuma are special training spots, where you can spend Prestige Points to improve your players’ stats. Spend Prestige Points to spin a Training Wheel, and a specific statistic will increase. But don’t think you can just loiter here and continually beef yourself up – the more you train, the more Prestige Points it costs, and you even run the risk of decreasing other stats!



Talk to Mr Veteran to challenge teams via the Competition Routes. You can select from a number of teams, although some will only become available after you have progressed to a certain point in the game or fulfilled conditions. Win Matches to move around the board and unlock treasure chests.


You can find or buy various items to restore your players’ Technical and Fitness Points. You’ll also get access to equipment and kit, which enhances certain stats. Don’t worry, though, as you’ll get something nice for your feet early in the game. Can’t play soccer without boots!

Inazuma Eleven Go puts you at the centre of a huge soccer adventure, recruiting the ultimate team to save your school club from closure! Learn powerful Special Moves, then take on rival teams as you shoot for the top!

  • Play as newbie, Arion Sherwind, to recruit the ultimate team from over 1,000 players!
  • Use Fighting Spirits on the field to increase your powers and unleash fearsome Special Moves!
  • Two versions, Light and Shadow, each with different characters, moves and plot points


  • It’s newbie Arion Sherwind’s first day at Raimon High Jr. School
  • He tries to join the soccer club but a weird kid appears on the pitch – cue a sudden showdown!
  • Arion discovers the club is to be closed by a shady company called Fifth Sector, the big bosses in charge of youth soccer!
  • Our hero explores Inazuma town to talk to people, and find out what’s going on.
  • Arion sets out to recruit the ultimate soccer team, win the Saints’ Way’s youth soccer tournament, and stop Fifth Sector in its tracks. Game on!


  • Arion Sherwind
    The star of the show, Arion Sherwind lives for soccer. He’s not the most experienced player on the pitch but what he lacks in technique, he makes up for in enthusiasm and energy.
  • Victor Blade
    A mysterious loner with a serious edge, Victor arrives at Raimon Jr. High in strange circumstances. He acts tough, and is often sarcastic but is he harbouring a secret?
  • Riccardo di Rigo
    Riccardo is the team’s captain and his tactical knowledge is unsurpassed. He’s also a superb player but can sometimes let his emotions get the better of him when it comes to his personal life.
  • Mark Evans
    Returning from the first Inazuma Eleven trilogy, the familiar face of Mark Evans takes over from Coach Travis to lead Raimon Jr. High School in the Saints’ Way, a national soccer tournament for school teams.
  • A _ _ _   _ _ _ _ L
    This mysterious figure is the Holy Emperor and leader of Fifth Sector, an organisation which controls the whole of youth soccer. There’s definitely something fishy about him, and his relationship with Victor Blade is more than it appears.


It’s up to a class of aspiring superstars to take to the pitch, go for glory and write the school of Raimon Junior High into the soccer history books. Inazuma Eleven GO is from the makers of Fantasy Life & the Professor Layton series, in Australia for the first time!


Play as the young but talented Arion Sherwind as he begins his soccer career during hard times for Raimon Junior High. Initially Arion just wants to break into the intimidatingly awesome first team captained by his hero, Riccardo Di Rigo. But, bigger problems soon arise when the whole team is threatened with closure on the orders of Fifth Sector, the shadowy governing body intent on controlling soccer.


Light or Shadow – it's your choice!

Inazuma Eleven Go is available as two versions (Light and Shadow) and it’s entirely your choice which you pick! Although the story is essentially the same, each variation has unique teams, characters, techniques and Fighting Spirits, and the only way to see them all is to play both versions – think you can go the distance?!


Fighting Spirits

During the game, some of your players will gain Fighting Spirits, which you can summon during Matches or Battles.

PalPack Cards

PalPack Cards are one of two ways to recruit players, and you can obtain them from various Dealers around Inazuma town and beyond. Each one details the stats for a new player, plus the conditions you’ll have to fulfil to recruit them.

A Beautiful Game

From Raimon Jr. High School to Special Moves, everything sports a graphical sheen that makes it look the business. If you play in 3D, you’ll get to see Inazuma in its smartest, shiniest kit!


If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a camera, there might be the odd place to take a fine photograph…


There’s a variety of ways to play Inazuma Eleven GO online, including wireless Matches against your mates, character trading, and Challenges to tackle.



Get ready to prove you’re the top team by taking on up to three of your friends using Local Play. These Matches can be configured for 2 vs. 1, 3 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 but wherever there are two players controlling one team, you’ll get to pick your favourite players before the game.


If a friend has a player you want, you can swap. Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, which means you’ll have to spend Friendship Points – provided your mate lets their player go!



Over a limited period after the game’s release you can download new items and players when you connect to the Nintendo Network with your Nintendo 3DS. You’ll receive notifications over SpotPass, and you’ll find items in the School Shop, and players with PalPack Dealers.

StreetPass Challenges

Receive other players’ team data and play Matches against them, all via StreetPass! You can save up to ten Challenges at any one time and if there’s one you particularly want to keep, make sure to select 'LOCK'. Winning StreetPass Challenges will bring you rewards in the form of various items. Some are specific to each version of Inazuma Eleven GO and you might receive rare items by playing someone who owns the other version.