50+ activities!

With 50+ co-operative and competitive activities to enjoy, there’s lots to see and do!

Enjoy leisure activities such as Scuba Diving, Horseback Riding and Marine Fishing!

Go sky diving, catch big waves or show off your skateboarding skills in a variety of extreme sports!

Compete to be the best in loads of fun activities, including skiing, Beach Volleyball, Mini Golf and more!

Ways to play

GO VACATION doesn’t just offer stacks of fun activities to enjoy – it also offers all kinds of ways to play them with friends and family!

Share a Joy-Con controller with a friend for instant multiplayer fun anytime, anywhere! Up to four players can play together in split-screen multiplayer* or via local wireless play**.

Enjoy a selection of activities such as Rafting, Mini Golf and Snowball Fights with motion controls. You can even steer ATVs, sports cars and other vehicles using motion controls or a Joy-Con Wheel (sold separately).

Kawawii Island

Explore Kawawii Island and discover the sights and sounds it has to offer. There are four different resorts to visit, each of which boasts their own unique activities.

Marine Resort

This coastal area is host to all types of fun summer activities such as Scuba Diving, Beach Volleyball, Marine Fishing and more. You can even reach Coconore Island, a special island that’s reserved for surfers!

Mountain Resort

This hilly countryside is perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors with activities such as Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Rafting, Mountain Fishing and more.

Snow Resort

Fans of the slopes will love this snow-capped mountain, with wintry activities like Snowball Fights, Snowman Making, Snowmobile Races and Ski Jumping.

City Resort

Urbanites will feel right at home in this bustling metropolis, with activities like high-octane car races, Hang Gliding, Mini Golf, Table Hockey and more.

Go explore!

Simply travel to your chosen resort and get sightseeing using each resort’s special themed vehicle – horseback to buggies, snowmobiles to inline skates. Up to three other players can join your island expedition, each driving their own vehicle!

Your personal paradise

There are so many ways to unwind on Kawawii Island!

Customise your look

Before arriving on Kawawii Island, you’ll create a character from scratch or by importing a Mii character to use as your avatar.

By exploring the island, you’ll unlock new outfits to customise your characters with.

Home away from home

In the island’s Villa Grounds, you’ll gain access to your own living space, in which you can customise the type, size, colour and position of your furniture.

Even your friends and family can take up residence on the island!

Hunt for hidden goodies

Roam freely around the island to uncover secrets with your own dog companion or with friends in local multiplayer.

Seek out hidden treasure chests and collectibles, discover new minigames or relax with a tasty treat – who wants ice cream?

Something new every day!

New gifts and challenges appear every day on Kawawii Island, so be sure to visit often!

Complete special Daily Challenges to level up, or help others level up with Group Orienteering exercises.

Capture memorable moments!

Make holiday memories by taking snaps of your character, your friends and your prized pooch!

Nature lovers can even fill out an Animal Photo Book with photos of the over 40 animal species that live on Kawawii Island. Can you find them all?