Expand your adventure

Looking to add even more excitement and exploration to DRAGON QUEST VII? Here are two easy ways to get more out of your game, with online distributions and StreetPass™ features.

Online Distributions

Once you’ve discovered the Haven and have recruited three reformed monsters, you can access a location called the Download Bar in town. Speak with the bartender to download bonus content.

Check back later for more info on items you can receive through online distributions.

Add to your adventure with StreetPass

Traveller’s tablets aren’t just for solo play —you can also collect and share them with friends! Using the StreetPass feature, you can receive traveller’s tablets that let you delve through randomly generated dungeons and collect hard to find items and rewards. Head to Monster Meadows and talk to the old man in the red hat to get started.

How to get StreetPass Traveller’s Tablets

The traveller’s tablets that you can trade via StreetPass can be found inside the cave in Monster Meadows. Only monsters can enter the cave, so you'll need to select three of the monsters you have befriended and ask them to find the traveller’s tablets for you.

Select three monsters.

Send them off to the cave.

You’re in luck—they found a Tablet!

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