• Wingo wingo
  • Toadette Toadette
  • Captain Toad Captain Toad

Captain Toad and Toadette’s search for treasure leads them to a Power Star! But just as they’re celebrating their success, a huge bird known as Wingo swoops in and steals the Power Star right in front of them, taking Toadette along for the ride!

Captain Toad immediately sets out to rescue his fellow explorer – but can he really do it by himself...? There may be scary times and tough challenges ahead, but he’s just going to have to be brave. Push on, Captain Toad!

Make your way to the Power Star, tracking down treasure as you go!

Click around the map to find out more.


There are over 70 stages to explore, including ancient ruins, lava-spouting volcanoes, haunted mansions, and much more! Ride in mine carts, dig through walls, and enjoy an adventure that takes Captain Toad to all sorts of unexpected places!


Adventures in Walleye Tumble Temple

In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for Wii U, help Captain Toad reach the Power Star at the end of each level while searching for treasure. Can you make it past all the traps in your way?