Boom Street™

Buy, sell, trade and triumph in a new game that challenges the whole family to build a business empire! Boom Street for Wii™ blends board game elements with the worlds of Mario and Dragon Quest to create unmissable fun for up to four players.

The aim of the game is to increase your net worth and reach a target amount of cash before your rival property magnates. To do so, you’ll have to snap up properties as you make your way around themed boards and then cash in as other players roll the die and land on your turf.

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  • Buy property, trade shares and outsmart the competition in this interactive board game!
  • Play as Mario, Dragon Quest or Mii™ characters!
  • Anyone can play using Easy rules, or make things more strategic with Standard rules!
  • Get together for game night at home or play online worldwide via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!
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Easy rules

Perfect for younger players or beginners, Easy rules keep things basic but still offer plenty of challenge as up to four players attempt to reach a target amount of “G” (the game’s currency) before anyone else can. As with Standard rules, you'll be awarded stamps for completing game boards, and these can be “spent” on new clothes and actions for your Mii – determining not only how they look but also how they react to the highs and lows of property investment!

easy mode
standard mode

Standard rules

Speed up your cash flow by investing in the stock market. When playing with Standard rules, the game board is divided into districts, and you can buy shares in any district you like. Whether those shares result in a big pay-day or decrease your overall wealth will be determined by what’s going on in the district. For example, forced buyouts and properties being sold will lower share values in the area, while investment in improving properties will increase it. It’s a game of strategy and chance!


To ensure the best possible gaming experience, this game is designed to run in 60 Hz (480i) and EDTV/HDTV (480p) display modes only.