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Art Academy - Fun and Creative Nintendo Games
About Art Academy

About Art Academy:

Welcome to Art Academy - the portable art course that will teach you how to create amazing works of art using tools so realistic you can take the lessons you learn into real life!.

Absolutely anyone can improve their drawing and painting skills by following the step-by-step lessons, courtesy of resident artist Vince, and create artwork fit to grace the walls of the Louvre or Uffizi!

Once you get to grips with the basics of drawing and painting like a pro, you can take advantage of many more Art Academy features to continue your journey on the path to artistic greatness.

Use free paint mode to conjure up original artwork and save up to 80 pictures to show friends and family. If you have a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL, you can even take pictures of the world around you and use your photos as the inspiration for your next creation!

Step-by-Step Lesson for Art Gallery
Step-by-Step Lesson

Step-by-Step Lesson:

Enjoy ten in-depth lessons that cover a wide variety of artistic tip and techniques. Each lesson takes you through the creation of a picture in easy, step-by-step stages using the Stylus as your pencil or brush. Once you complete the main lesson, there are further mini-lessons featuring different subjects to practice the skills you've just learnt

Learn to balance shade and light to give a realistic three dimensional effect to your drawings.

Have a look at the lesson in our video. Sketching a pear with a pencil may look challenging to those who lack confidence in their drawing ability, but if you follow Vince's steps, you'll be amazed at the results!

Free Paint Mode in Nintendo Art Gallery
Free Paint Mode and Art Gallery

Free Paint Mode:

You can save up to 80 pictures on the Art Academy Game Card and if you want to show them off to family and friends, use Slide Show, mode to display them with pride!

You can also send a free demo to someone you know with a Nintendo DS system and see if you can get them hooked too! Try it out for yourself first - it involves drawing and painting a tasty looking red apple.

Art Gallery:

The Gallery is an area where the player can frame and save all of the artwork they create. Gallery Images can be displayed in a slide show or viewed one at a time.

The possibilities for creating art with Art Academy are limited only by your imagination.

Check out some of our amazing pictures that have been created with the software right here in our gallery.

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