New Leaf, New Life!

Once you arrive in town you'll be given a new home, which can be customised and decorated just how you like it! There are plenty of things to do outside too. Here's just a selection of the exciting things waiting for you once you've arrived in your new home...

Town essentials

Good Morning, Mayor!

Become the mayor of a new town and make it the perfect place to live! Create public works projects or set ordinances to have the town run exactly as you want it to!

Reuse, Recycle!

Pay a visit to Re-Tail, the recycle shop, and you'll meet Reese – she'll not only buy things you don't want, but let you put items up for sale too!

Main Street

Shop 'Til You Drop

All the top shops can be found on Main Street but the longer your time as mayor goes on, the more places you'll see open for you to visit.

The Perfect Pattern

Custom designs play a big part of Animal Crossing: New Leaf – apply them to clothing, furniture, flags and even the town itself!

You've Got The Look

Customise your outfit by trying out tops, trousers, dresses, shoes, socks and hats. Mix them up to find a look that's right for you!

Home Improvement

Pay a visit to Nook's Homes on Main Street and you'll be able to buy new looks for your house that'll really help you express your personality!

Timmy and Tommy Nook also have a shop on Main Street, where you can buy furniture, wallpaper and carpets to customise your home exactly how you want it.

Show Off Your Home!

You can share your home designs with other players via StreetPass. Watch as the HH Showcase fills up with other players, then check out what their homes look like!

Dance The Night Away!

Visit Club LOL from Sunday to Friday to dance to DJ KK's tunes, or sit in on an acoustic set on Saturday and pick up one of his songs for your personal collection!

Exhibit Yourself!

The museum has tons of exhibits waiting to be filled with bugs, fish, art and fossils!

Green Fingers

Leif will happily sell you a wide variety of flowers, trees and bushes to plant at your leisure – perfect for adding a spot of colour to your town!

If The Shoe Fits...

Pop in to see Kicks' shoe shop and try on a pair of new shoes, or even some natty socks!

Take a trip

To Tortimer Island!

Take a trip with Kapp'n in his boat and head to a tropical paradise where it's summer all year round! You can even go on special tours to play games and win medals.

Taking A Dip

Once you've got a wet suit, there's nothing stopping you from going for a swim in the ocean – either on Tortimer Island or in your town.

Welcome amiibo!

A free* software update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is available now, expanding your town's horizons with amiibo compatibility and other new features!

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