Nintendo DSi


Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Easy, safe and at no extra charge. There's always someone ready to play your favourite DS game online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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Iwata Asks

Exclusive insider

Ask Iwata

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touch generations

Touch! Generations

Great games everyone can play, anytime, anywhere. Neither age nor experience matter with our Touch! Generations range for Nintendo DS.

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DSi Features

Nintendo DSi Features

The new Nintendo DSi screen is 17% larger. Available in black and white, the Nintendo DSi is slimmer too, comes with an SD memory card slot, and has improved speakers.

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DSi Camera

Nintendo DSi Camera

Experiment as you edit, morph and distort your favourite images. Store and record your daily life and achievements with a photo diary.

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DSi Sound

Nintendo DSi Sound

Play, Record, Manipulate, Loop, Store

Take your music on the move with Nintendo DSi.

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Nintendo DSi Shop

Browse the web on your Nintendo DSi. Visit the Nintendo DSi Shop to download exclusive Nintendo DSiWare using your Nintendo Points.

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